Joe Rogan just did the UNTHINKABLE…

Joe Rogan just did the UNTHINKABLE…

This video breaks down the huge move made by Joe Rogan and the debate it started.

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  1. Of course it can happen here. This administration don't give a F. Eviction moratorium is unconstitutional according to Supreme Court, yet been doing it anyway. THIS IS INSANE…when this happens here what will happen to people who don't have cell phones and can't check in…i know it's crazy to imagine but there are segments of our population that don't have cell phones…homeless, older boomers..i personally have fam that never subscribed to this tracking device we call cell phone

  2. The Australian Human Rights Commission has said that facial recognition technology should not be used for law enforcement in Australia, unless there are effective legal safeguards are in place.1 jul 2021

  3. From what i have gathered how do i know if any of what Rogan used helped or didn't help him, witch treatment did or didn't and would he have gotten the same results if he didn't get said treatments so attacking him would be dumb

  4. It's all to keep you safe and healthy.
    At what point is violent resistance legitimized?
    We're past that point a long time ago, looking at the situation in Australia.
    We're at war. Will people die? People already died.

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