Joe Rogan on Agent Provocateurs During George Floyd Protests, Mysterious Pallets of Bricks

Taken from JRE #1484 w/Reggie Watts:

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  1. The Ventura bricks arent bricks, it looks like they are building a barricade for the bus stop there. they may have had an accident or near miss there and are trying to prevent a law suit. I'm just saying what i see after 20 years in construction, and the forms and measurements on the sidewalk. I"M NOT supporting or trying to debunk anyone elses opinion, just relaying what i see in that video.

  2. This is horrifying. AMERICA IS A DEMOCRACY. you can't silence people who are protesting. You can't stop the majority!! No matter how wrong you think they are. Otherwise, it's not a democracy's a regime.
    Move to europe if you don't like it in the US. Plenty of European countries where you can fit it and make the society better. Goes for lefties and people on the right.

  3. BLM is an organization that capitalizes off of pain and ignorance. They are making money everytime a racist claim is submitted. Anytime you rock a logo, or a hashtag, you're feeding them.

    Money and power is always the reason. Righteousness doesn't exist amongst those who hunger to be elite.??

  4. Ask worker who brought these bricks here, tie them up and ask with gun pointed at their heads and ask politely who order these bricks, then go down the chain one after another till you find who ordered it.

  5. Interesting thing happened to me the other night… I was driving at about midnight when a newish ford truck with a USA flag and a blue lives flag started tailgating me and honking. Of course I didn't speed up but I was just chilling and not in their hurry, so to speak. They pulled up next to me and basically yelled "hey f*gg*t, cut your f'n hair p*ssey. Go back to Portland, b*itch."

    So I asked if the wanted to pull over and talk about it. They just sped off flooring it and swerving in front of people. There was a cop two or three cars behind them who didn't seem too bothered by their driving. Anyhoo, it just seemed rehearsed because they had no reason to single me out. I was driving a chevy, listening to waylon and eating a cheeseburger lol. I was seeing red after but looking back I almost think they were driving around yelling at people to rile folks up. They looked cop-ish to me. Either way I respect the flag but would have loved to watch those guys get their asses beat by a hillbilly with a pony tail…