Joe Rogan on Obamagate, Joe Biden Doing a Virtual Debate

Taken from JRE #1475 w/Bridget Phetasy:

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  1. I'm about 5 chapters in, To Eliminate the Opiate vol. 2
    Before that I read, 1666 Redemption Through Sin.
    If you believe in conspiracies, check those books out.

  2. You don't know anything about Obamagate: Hillary organized and Podesta torture footages available online (Q), because you are perhaps: "Dim or THICK (English terms, not very bright). Its your own country and backyard. Camon now … clicked on this video with the hopes to get some more info actually. lol.

  3. Obutthead and his entire administration belong in front of a grand jury…and if you refuse to believe that, you might be an ignorant naive liberal sheep…

  4. Gatta remember. Everything every celeb says ever is suspect. Celebs have a platform… Which is given to them by power ppl the general public never hear about. You go against the grain you end up like bill hicks

  5. I just have a small question…… why the hell does any person with even a 1% intelligence would believe that a leftist idiot like obama would not break the law and do something illegal …….
    bloody leftists are known to misuse the authority and make fool of the public.

  6. You should care about Obamagate! That's the problem with democrats…..?✌ thank God I left the dem plantation, after 50 yrs of volunteering and donating! They use you every election. Never can get to talk to them unless it's election season. Used and sick of their corruption and lies.