Joe Rogan on Trump Saying He’d Debate Biden on the Show

#1542 w/Cameron Hanes:

Written by JRE Clips


  1. Joe, Donald Trump becoming president didn't show us how broke the political system was. It showed/reminded the corrupt politicians in D.C. and around the country that the government belongs to the people and that they are suppose to serve the people. President Trump is a direct result of how bad Obama ran this country and how corrupt the Clintons are. I just don't understand how such a "tough guy," like yourself is affraid to just tell the truth, that President Trump is the best president since Ronald Regan. I would even argue that he is one of the top three presidents we have ever had. Because he has focused his actions on the people/constitution and not himself. Most presidents become millionaires. Where President Trump has given up millions to serve this great country.

  2. One day after upload and this did not age well. After watching the BS that Chris Wallace pulled I pray that joe rogan gets to moderate a debate.

  3. Joe, I thought this was funny at first, but after tonight’s debate I want you to do this service for our country as you’d actually be able to intimidate them into following the debate rules ?

  4. Trump supporters are such fragile creatures ? they’re all mad bc joe JOKINGLY called trump a moron come on soy boys time to grow a pair. Toughen up you brain dead sheep ?

  5. You should of been the moderator on the debate joe. This moderator came in with no facts so he could prove and disprove what they said and didnt go on to press them on certain points. Was a shit debate and I reckon you'd do a better job joe honestly and making them both shut up so they don't speak over eachother. (Shouldn't call him a moron. Dick move.)

  6. I want both of those idiots to get stoned and talk to Joe for 3 hours. – Both of those episodes would be hilarious and interesting. Also, good point. – Stop voting for these almost dead people.

  7. Trump is not a "good business man"!

    He's an epicly bad one. Literally the biggest looser of the eighties and, as recently relieved by the New York Times using his current tax returns, in massive debt.