Joe Rogan Points Out That NO ONE Trusts The Media Anymore, Everything Is Falling Apart

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia host an entire party of people, including Michael Malice, Alex Jones, Blaire White, Drew Hernandez, and Joe Rogan, to discuss how no one trusts the media anymore – and why not.

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Alex Jones, host, InfoWars,
Blaire White
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Drew Hernandez, host, Lives Matter show
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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. Done many psychedelics, but the only thing that permanently destroys the ego is CHRIST!! If we all had Christ then there’d be no ego. After u get done with psychedelics the feelings fade over time.

  2. You guys still don't get it everything is being brought to the final day when God Almighty comes and puts an end and destroys all the kingdoms of the Earth and he brings forth his kingdom For those that want to worship him and live forever with true peace and security on a paradise Earth.

  3. I can't believe Joe Rogan is partaking….He has to know the media is going to eat this up to try and destroy his credibility.

    No offense; but Timcast IRL isn't anywhere near the same level as Joe Rogan or Alex Jones.

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