Joe Rogan Quickly Beats COVID–Establishment OUTRAGED!

DISCLAIMER: The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines and treatments may conflict with health authorities.

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  1. There are millions of people in other countries that have taken Animal Ivermectin because of its lower price . The human use one is the same chemical substance, but it's more refined . I researched this for a long time, and also have the opinion of a medical doctor on the subject .

  2. Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic not an antiviral. It has no effect on covid or any other virus. When fauci first talked about masks he was talking about walking outside in open air, that's been clarified a number of times. Joe Rogan took a number of treatments including the regeneron antibody treatment. It was regeneron that worked against the virus. GFY

  3. If Rogan really believed in Ivermectin, then he wouldn't have taken FDA-approved Monoclonal antibodies(extremely expensive). Don't blindly follow some rich dude who's telling you a story. Rogan just wants to get more views. He's not doing this, cause he "believes".

    I find it sad, that Jimmy fell for this.

  4. FDA is significantly funded by pharma, no wonder health supplements & natural plant based medicines are slapped with the disclaimer "Not evaluated or approved by FDA.. yadda yadda yadda". These assholes approve bullshit synthetic newly developed drugs with unknown side effects and very very low efficacy… yet plants and other alternative medicines used since prehistoric times are not..

  5. It's almost like the big pharma companies don't want treatments to be discussed. There is no money in that. They need us all dependent on lifelong injections of "vaccines". This entire situation is their dream scenario. Anyone with a brain knows that there are multiple treatments for covid but most people at most hospitals will never be offered them. To do that would mean people could just get covid with no fear and develop natural immunity and it would become this minor thing. But if that happened big pharma would lose this never ending cash cow.

  6. Another doctor who is a quack. Please show me the scientific evidence that shows vaccines keep people out of hospitals. Good lord another liar look at Israel, Singapore, Britain and even America. The numbers of vaccinated people in the hospitals keep sky rocketing. Papers written by biotechs and peer reviewed by themselves. This is not real data nor evidence

  7. Too bad that the majority of Americans, CANT rest easy knowing that we could throw "EVERYTHING" at covid, if we were to get it. I'm so sick of hearing about the LUXURIES that the elites enjoy.

  8. Come on America, be good, start listening to the liars cause they have no audience, like JR does. Settle down and be good, show some respect and listen to the lies like the "uninformed and compliant" sheeple that you are.

  9. "The views shared in this video regarding COVID vaccines and treatments may conflict with health authorities."

    That's only because the authorities are blatantly lying.

  10. Here in Canada, the media have demonized Ivermectin as a drug only good for de-worming horses, so I am not able to get a script from my doctor.
    Where I live, our Health Authority officials are continually complaining about overcrowded IC units and are blaming/shaming the unvaxxed for all their woes, but have no home-based covid treatment plans to help covid patients recover at home.
    It's pretty obvious that our health-care system is heavily influenced by big pharma and the WHO.

  11. The FDA is concerned with your health lol. Look at what they allow in the actual food supply lol- many of which are known carcinogens. Now that is a topic to cover, but you will definitely get banned.
    It's all a joke, just tell the truth big pharma wants everyone to take the vaccines. So they can get richer than they already are and hold a monopoly on healthcare.
    Also if you give 100% of your population experimental vaccines and any issues are seen with them in the future; you had no control group to gauge the outcomes, and therefore no liability- Brilliant.

  12. I got it in March,no vaccine,no monoclonal, no medicine,no fever and i worked on my garden throughout the damn thing but yes you do get tired for a long time and you lose appetite and smell,taste.Your breath stinks too.

  13. Fauci is a virologist/immunologist who funds studies for vaccine development. He gets paid handsomely using public funds, but he was NEVER trained in public health. Isn’t that obvious? He funded gain of function research despite a ban. He told the public NOT to wear masks. He said it could make transmission worse. He demonstrated disregard for public health during the AIDS epidemic with the toxic medication that he pushed. Isn’t his blatant behavior the strongest evidence of all for his disregard for public health? The fact that he is still being held up as a hero, shows that there’s a general disregard for public health.

  14. Fauci was telling the truth at the beginning about masks. His lie was when he said he was lying.

    Studies have shown for years that these masks do next to nothing to stop the spread of a virus which is why they didn’t recommend mask wearing in the WHO 2019 pandemic guidelines

  15. The scariest thing about this is the fact if you get covid and you go to the doctor you're not going to get the best treatment because those in power those in the media are trying to shame doctors into not giving you the best care they can give you.

  16. Jimmy! If enough ppl tke Ivermectin and it worked fr them, then they wld deny taking the vaccine . "They " cld only innact the the Emergency Medical Vaccine Act if nothing else wrks. So They have a vested interest in disproving any benifitial alternative medication. Think 911 and the Patriot Act…..

  17. The media is working for big pharmaceutical companies. They can't make money from a drugs that can be made generically. So they demonize the medicine hoping no one will trust it. Get the jab or you'll be sorry….(or they will make you sorry)

  18. I wouldn’t take experimental drugs in an attempt to not get covid and I wouldn’t want em if I got it either… 1/3 of fda APPROVED drugs have been black labeled or discontinued do to serious side effects after being on the market for years.

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