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Joe Rogan is a comedian, UFC commentator, and host of the Joe Rogan Experience.

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Written by Lex Clips


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  1. Very similar to the Johnny Carson show one of the early talkshows where he mainly had singers and comedians Joe has scientists physicists astrophysicist Writers etc.

  2. That's a problem. Too many people and organizations listen to what the loudmouths on social media are complaining about, and think they represent the majority of society

  3. One thing about Joe is he stays fit and always talks about how being fat is not genetic it's people not exercising and eating right, but he takes more drugs to get by in life than most.

  4. I love Joe and listen all the time…but for him to say he ignored its not true. He absolutely adressed it when he posted a video appologizing….which is fine. But dont act like you did not absorb it, thats not true at all.

  5. When the cancel Joe campaign started I subscribed to Spotify, and I think that most people that have a life did that, that's why he grew. We have more important things to do in our life's then to complain about the opinions of one guy in a room with a mic. He's doing something good and entertaining and if you don't like don't listen. I think a lot of people did the same and that reflected on him growing during that time.

  6. I love Joe's perspective. Someone once asked me why are you a Rogan fan when you are not white?
    I was like whattt????? I will always respect a curious mind!!!!
    I'm a very curious guy, but I was way more curious while growing up, I miss that old me.
    Joe reminds me of what I would have been if I was still that curious guy but grew up.

    I totally against bigotry, racism and all that nonsense.
    I'm also Pro-Trans rights, just keep that shyt away from children. Teaching that shy should be left to parents not schools to teach to everyone!!!

  7. The n word. Of all the taboos in the world that people do daily, a word that commonly used so Willy nilly is such an offensive if a white man uses it. If it’s that bad of a word why is it in ever rap song 🧐

  8. He totally dodged the actual subject though. I think it would have been much more sincere to at least say 2 sentences about the incidents, and then talk about how people and media’s reaction is.

    I get what he’s saying and he is right in a lot of ways but don’t expect to be pullin out the n word multiple times and people gonna be OK with it.

    The context is important for the people who want to understand your reasons about why you did certain things. But the fucked up shit happens because you did say it. And both the media and people rely on drama like this. Big name celebrity getting in trouble. That’s obviously lots of clicks and lots of money. So of course they gonna pull this shit out of context.

    I think Joe handled it very good, but I think his (over)confidence makes him look arrogant here.

    And also, if you take one gram of shrooms every day, on the 4th day you won’t feel anything because that’s how our brain chemistry works.

    But whatever. I like the guy, but you gotta filter what he’s saying because there’s lot of bullshit there.

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