Joe Rogan responds to Don Lemon Doubling Down with Sanjay Gupta

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  1. I wish Don Lemon Drop candy would com on Joes podcast and have to actually have a conversation with an intelligent thinking person and not just be abele to spew his propaganda unchecked into his camera. People like Don lemon would never survive in the world it doesn’t have padded walls like his corporate media scheme and actually have to have some accountability for the stuff he says. I mean Joe is a human being he’s not perfect and when he is wrong he has guests on here that will challenge his opinion and they will go back-and-forth and maybe he will be proven wrong or maybe he will be proven right but the fact is you have to respect someone who is open to talking with other people who disagree with them and not just have them on your show and cut them off halfway through the point that they’re making for a commercial break like Donny Lemon Drop on CNN.

  2. Funny how Joe says he was listening to healthcare professionals for treating Covid-19 but has to this date refused to take any of the FDA approved vaccines before and after he got infected, its like he's saying that vaccine developers are not "experts" or "professionals" like who does he think develops the vaccines? Dogs on labcoats? At what point did he decide their input is inferior to his googling skills? And the FDA is another can of worms it really is funny when people try to point out that the FDA cannot be trusted but have no issue whatsoever taking ANY of the drugs their doctor prescribes for pain, diabetes and high blood pressure etc, don't they know that all of those drugs and hormones have to be approved by the FDA? People are stupid man, I'm glad he didn't die but holy shit man what way to gamble with your life over stupid shit some other anti-vaxers haven't been so lucky unfortunately.

  3. How can something be more garbage than CNN? Oh here is Don Lemon! He's such a tool outside of work and is topping the list of the world's most insecure victim complexes. Poor guy

  4. Glad Joe doesn’t understand why he’s being singled out. It has nothing to do with money or his “alternative” solution. It’s about ensuring that a virus has been eradicated and allows “the world” to travel around/ do what they do like before Covid 19. Advertising alternative concoctions that health experts have to take into account which makes ensuing that everyone is protected not just 10x but a million times more complicated and slows down the process of being free again.

    So who’s the dumb motherfucker again? The one that wants to get through it as quick as possible or the one that helps prolonging the process?

  5. Joe, so very happy you moved here to Texas! Love your open honesty. Love the fact that you aren't afraid of those lamestream media clowns. You have a far larger viewing audience who loves you than CNN has mindless sheep. Thank you for being a voice that can't be silenced!

  6. Joe just tell them you used your white privilege so CNN doesn’t implode. Can’t tell them they are bullshit. They believe they have the only viewpoint that matters. Don’t shatter that. It’s mean

  7. More than a third of white students lied about their race on college applications, and about half of these applicants lied about being Native American. More than three-fourths of these students who lied about their race were accepted.

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