Joe Rogan ROASTS CNN’s Sanjay Gupta Over CNN Lies, TO HIS FACE

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  1. It's not a joke. Alex Jones is always right. Only because he cares about truth and has been researching this shit since he was a teenager. If anyone did that nothing alex jones says would come as a surprise. And as far as the "cooky" things he says; have you ever heard of analogies, and archetypes? Also he does speak from a Christian perspective.

  2. Sometimes we forget how small the CNN viewership is. Mostly made up of 70+-year-olds without internet service.
    CNN relies on big Corp advertisers and the news must support them.

  3. I have long conversations all the time. I've noticed it's not everyone's cup of tea. I prefer long conversations that drill down on issues and lead to understanding. But, small talk can get you further.

  4. I've had more 3 hour plus conversations than I can care to try and recall. Almost every weekend with my roommates, talking politics, video games, conspiracies and other bs. Countless times with parents and family. I literally had a 3 hour conversation with my mom last week.

  5. The Illuminati thing isn't strange at all. They were a real anarchist movement in the 18th century. It's only natural that the ruling class of the time would publicly condemn them ever since someone intercepted letters where the Illuminati discuss the assassinations of Europian aristocracy.

  6. Dystopian reality we all live in now, anyone with a brain knows Alex has been right about everything all along, that's why he's the most banned person on the Internet . The fact chappelle is celebrated because he calls a woman a woman, shows how much western society has collapsed.

  7. Way to go Joe! I had previously stopped listening to Rogan's podcast believing his platform was used as a conveyance for the NWO agenda or grand scheme of things… in short, thank you Joe for using your massively huge public voice for good!

  8. when you're afraid that if someone that disagrees with you in conversation will physically attack you,
    that speaks volumes about your environment standard modus operandi.. and those volumes aren't pretty..

  9. I have conversations that last between 1-5 hours fairly regularly, mostly about topics that are interesting to myself and the other person in the conversation.

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