Joe Rogan: SHOCKS Roger Waters about EPSTEIN ISLAND.

Roger Waters is a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, co-founder of the legendary rock band Pink Floyd, and successful solo artist. Catch him live on the worldwide “This is Not a Drill” concert tour.

Joe Rogan Experience #1878

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Joe Rogan — @joerogan
Roger Waters — @rogerwaters
Jamie Vernon — @jamievernom

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  1. Here's a better question. Why would Joe have Ted Nugent on his show when Ted is an admitted pedophile ? I'm not just making an accusation here, there's a VH1 documentary where Ted talks about scoring with young girls and his underaged ex girlfriend was also on the documentary. Considering that Joe has daughters I think that having Ted on his show was one of His most hypocritical moments..

  2. Correct there's no justice for the average person but if you have money you can get away with anything you can even print it up and keep printing it and keep being the Despicable human if you want to call yourself citizen sad State of Affairs there's no justice for the Common Man

  3. He doesn't look "shocked" at all. Looks rather disinterested like most people. "Oh they have sex with kidnapped children? Well is my 401k still doing well? I don't want that bank CEO to get arrested and negatively impact my ass too."

  4. I'm a fan of Occam's razor. So what would be the most logical answer?
    I'd say it's the rich and powerful people on the list bought and threatened their way out of trouble, same as any other shit they get caught up in.
    Money talks and the 'one percenters' got to where they are from being merciless psychopaths 🤷‍♂️

  5. Maybe because it’s not even real at all and nothing happened with any of them. All made up. This show event did sedate a large number of people due to believing “justice” is served.

    If I were evil and wanted to keep doing evil I’d fake this whole event because it shuts everyone up for the next entire generation or more and no one will look at me because they are looking at the fake event I created.

  6. If you think even for a short MOMENT,this woman EVER spent a single DAY in court,you’re REALLY slow.. like,incredibly slow.
    Joe JUST TOLD YOU all but you weren’t paying attention lol.. now you will.

  7. Why did Joe not ask him if he has any info about the "Baby Groupies" of the 70s? Bowie, Jimmy Page, Iggy Pop, Grand Funk Railroad, Ted Nugent…. all doing things which woulda made Epstein turn green with envy… known to everyone but ignored by all…. Noone burning their Zeppelin CDs

  8. NO. One of the most disturbing things is that all the rich and powerful men and women involved, simply don't have to answer to anything. They get to keep their names out of it. That is what is highly disturbing and, for many now, there is a total lack of confidence in the law, in so called "leaders", and in an political processes. What the country is, is coming to light.

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