Joe Rogan SLAMS Canadian State Broadcaster CBC for Saying “Freedom” is a Far Right Word

Joe Rogan has been known to criticize Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, calling him a Creepy Dictator. In a recent podcast he put the CBC on blast for an article saying that the word “Freedom” is a far right rallying cry.

Joe Rogan Clip:

CBC article:

CBC National:

Andrew Lawton:

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  1. How far will government push law abiding Canadians before they rise up. If you corner a wild animal it sure as shit will bite you. This government and it's State run broadcaster is turning anyone with a different opinion other then the Liberal narrative as being labeled Far Right. It's nothing less then disgusting. Thanks Joe Rogan for saying what the whole world needs to know.

  2. Not only the word freedom but also flying the flag of your country from the windows of your vehicle is also far right extremism… here in Canada…. the only flag being embraced around here in this country is a big fluffy rainbow flag

  3. CBC is run by INSANE individuals who need to be transferred to a LUNATIC asylum FOREVER! Our World War 1&2 veterans FOUGHT & DIED for our freedoms. Perhaps everyone at the CBC should get out a dictionary & read the description of freedom is. They MIGHT learn something. The next day after Pierre is PM, CBC can say goodbye to taxpayer dollars & start lining up at the unemployment office!!

  4. Can't even say what needs to be said without censoring myself so that it will show up here …lmfao.. Coward piece of shit losers 😤 must be nice to be a government paid 'journalist ' that doesn't have to prove anything beyond a couple people that think alike….fuck sakes are these people completely brainwashed to not see any other view …oh wait they all went to the same university that told you how to think 🤔

  5. didn't someone say "freedom is slavery"…? we can certainly see where "ignorance is strength" comes from now that we are being told this BS from the Communist Broadcasting Corporation

  6. comrade trudeau wants to take things from me, so I wish to punch him in the face very hard! PURE and SIMPLE! He has a god complex. He thinks government should have power like god!

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