Joe Rogan Slams CNN: ‘You F***ing Propagandists’

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Joe Rogan slams CNN amid the Chris Cuomo scandal.

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Written by TheDC Shorts


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  1. This is a concerted attack on our economics, social, cultural, race and sex, ideology by a group that wants to turn western democracies into socialist/marxist system. Attack from all sides so that we will capitulate. Alls it took was a major health issue from covid and now we got mandates to deal with.

  2. MSM will never ever recover. Who can possibly believe they have any authenticity at this point?
    At least they went out with a bang, as in shat their pants and embarrassed themselves in front of the whole world.

  3. They're at the end of their rope now, so they're going nuts on talking about absolute garbage 80% of the time. And they've really went full overboard on Trump which they will do until their last day. They're all being replaced soon and they know it.

  4. The American mainstream media is rotten to the core. It has been since the Vietnam War. Welcome to reality Joe.
    The news cares about their political agenda and their political interests.
    The mainstream media no longer matters to intelligent people. Donald Trump proved they are in no way unbiased.
    End of story and them.

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