Joe Rogan SMASHES Legacy Media Viewership, GETTR Claims Account SURGE After Podcaster Joins Platform

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave discuss why the Joe Rogan Experience performs so much better than legacy media shows.

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  1. Joe Rogan isn’t beating Fox. Add up all the shows on the graph :20 seconds in, and they add up to 13.88%.

    I’d be more concerned about independent YouTubers with 3 strike rules to live by.

  2. 4:09: I bet given America's current intellectual climate, getting caught listening to Joe Rogan while on Zoom is probably less forgivable in "liberal" white collar circles than getting caught out like Jeffrey Toobin.

  3. Ryan, you don't have to have 3 hours to listen to the whole thing in one sitting! Jeez. I bet many listen to Rogan's show in sections. I know that I often do.

  4. No Robby! Mainstream ("Mocking Bird") media is the propaganda voice of the Left (socials, Democrat Party, deep state, globalists, Joe Biden's handlers)! They gaslight the people. They want people to believe what isn't true. The want to destroy the Constitution and America. They are pushing socialism. They project on the Patriots (those that love America), what they themselves are doing. Some people take the bait and swallow it hook, line and sinker. Wake up Robby! Wake up America!!!

  5. Rogan is the biggest “mainstream” alternative news source on earth, and he’s mostly bi-partisan and honest, has interesting guests of all disciplines and cutting edge thinkers…. MSM is dull, conventional, bought off, and been diminishing for a while now…. And YES stop censoring and de-platforming people.

  6. 5:37: You'd think that eventually even those cable-tied politicians would catch on and realise that nobody's watching what they've watching, hence their so-called "mainstream" channels are totally ineffective as constituents and country barometers. Congresspeople watching cable is just politicians getting told what to think, by those who fund the cable networks.

  7. Joe Rogan, Russell Brand and Tim Cast are the only worthwhile media. Its not to say I won't watch CNN, BBC, WION or Fox but it's good to be verse in media. Some medias have more bias than others . I have knowledge of all viewpoints

  8. Yes!!!, I have just moved to the new platform just to be able to listen to Joe's interview with the Legandery Worrier, Dr.Mellon!!!
    Youtube or Twitter or Facebook will lose popularity just as those TV…,,

  9. Hearing these two dudes sound like babbling Dixie’s with bias-revealing comparison’s to fringe characters and post hoc rationalizations is upsetting. They do it for each topic that comes up, pandering to appear neutral while only saying what’s ‘safe’.

  10. Those stats probably don't include the episodes that get seen on sites like bitchute etc so it's more than 11 million. I live in South Korea and Spotify Podcasts is still not available here.

  11. Whatever, I’ve watched it because Kim was in and she made the most sense out of all this, the two wannabes still proving that frustration is the mother of all things

  12. Joe Rogan thinks like a normal person. He acts and speaks like one and asks the kind of questions and has the kind of discussions that a normal person would have and would want to hear.

    Plus his show is long form which allows for a lot more detailed and thorough discussion of matters than TV could ever do even if it wanted to.

    He has a wide variety of guests from sports to politics to science to entertainment and he himself is always willing and eager to learn about things. He rejects narratives and tries to get at the truth no matter who it pisses off.

    I don't always agree with Joe Rogan on everything. But that's fine; that's the whole point, in fact. If you have to agree with everything you read, see and hear, you're not a truth seeker, you're a validation seeker.

  13. People are sick of half hour "You're gonna die without the needle" covid broadcasts brought to you by Pfizer, J&J and Maderna. They've lost creditability when they sold out to big Pharma. AND, Let's not get started on Dr. Fau-Xi. He's bought and paid for.

  14. Robby just always sounds lost after 2 seconds on the mic if he isn't reading off a teleprompter. How many times can he POSSIBLY interrupter Kim? "can't do simple math" indeed

  15. It's funny they mentioned Parler. Parler is up. Read the blasphemous Wikipedia page about it. We do need to give these mainstream media platforms a run for their money. Remember Myspace? It was beat out by Facebook. Let's beat out these oppressive garbage companies like google, apple, facebook, and twitter by using alternative services that let us be us.

  16. Ignorant fossils who can't adapt to new technologies should die out. Good riddance to useless gatekeeping MSM propaganda. People who could start cults but don't have actual integrity. We've had a century of talking head propaganda. We are finally sick of it.

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