Joe Rogan Smeared For Taking ‘Horse Medicine’ For COVID, Candace Owens Banned From Testing Facility

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Written by Timcast

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  1. May the truth be revealed! Truth of any kind. Time can only prove any theory to be the case. Because knowledge and evidence can always be necessary or not necessary to solve the complexities of the universe.

  2. “You best start believin' in conspiracy stories, Tim, you're in one."

    Also regardless of whether ivermectin is proven or not for Covid, it is absolutely proven for human use, with no negatives for correct use, so there's absolutely no reason not to try it, if it has a chance of reducing hospitalisation. The only real risk, is that it'll be effective and it'll offset the fear campaign underlying the vaccine mandate.

    Also it would bolster the viability of natural immunity if this is true, by reducing the risk to similar to vaccine levels (according to many studies), meaning there's no real justification for now allowing people to avoid vaccination, although there's evidence to suggest one vaccine shot following recovery may further boost natural immunity.

  3. WTF. Are you telling me the Nobel award winning drug Ivermectin is not for humans but is in fact a horse de wormer 🙂 The levels these people sink to is quite awful. Makes sense when you understand that Big Pharma is the largest advertiser with the MSM.

  4. Always remember whenever Tim talks about how there is no proof other medicines like ivermectin work against covid…dude took the shot. I'm not sure anything he says on the subject can be trusted.

  5. My guy you can look up anything and find confirmation on Google. According to Google coffee can harm your eyesight and boost it. How is a avg person ever gonna have the time to sort through shit

  6. No the real reason they are lying about ivermectin is big pharma put alot of money into new from advertisement and there is next no money in ivermectin and your gov depand vaccine passports

  7. @Timcast, really guy, get a real education instead of spewing from all corners of your mouth. Stop spewing 'I Googled this and that', Google has been proven to censor search results. Get on many other world browsers and start doing a factual investigation into the big pharma companies. Knowing several that worked in big pharma in the 70-80's, along side Monsanto, pharma's MISSION statement within was ' profit over all others'. That was it, their only goal, as they knew then money bought power that dictates the world. Johnson and Johnson, Eli Lily, all major pharma's, even those that migrated from Nazi Germany have the same mantra. As of 1979 all big pharm KNEW only a dozen of their medicines actually worked for the intended purposes. They knew at that time they had to fudge the upcoming research and development. They also KNEW they had to overturn the LAWS that prevented them from advertising their product in any way, and they had been bribing politicians for nearly 20 years at that point. Pharma were crooks in Kennedy's days(Dr. Mary's Monkey, which would be a great deep dive show for the illiterate millies) and long before. It has ALWAYS been about the money for the big pharma companies.
    Now, Ivermectin won a Nobel Peace Prize for combating the target diseases and in following years has proven effective for aiding in combating several diseases mostly in countries other than the USA and GB, because big pharma cannot make money off of a cheap widely effective drug that the majority of the world knows about. What the dewormers for livestock and pets is allows the 'shell' to be broken open so the pathogens can be gotten to and killed or paralyzed.
    The world was much safer without the internet spreading double speak from the 'only commentary's opinions' . There is nearly zero investigative reporting for the last 30 years or more. Spend months on just one subject and get truth out, not conjecture for hits.

  8. If all media outlets reported the story like Reuters, then it wouldn’t be as alarming. The fact that the “horse dewormer” narrative exists proves that there IS a grand conspiracy. It’s an overt and blatant smear campaign, and there’s no other viable explanation.

  9. Thanks for uploading. If you have a second, I took a chance at doing my own podcast, featuring interviews with super fun people. I'd love if you would check it out. It's on my page. Hope you like it!

  10. I'm still waiting for the Corporate Press to explain to the world how the average American consumes vast amounts of Sodium and Chlorine in their food on a daily basis. Well, I'll say this, "Joe Rogan should sue Jon Blistein for defamation of character," and then sue the Rollingstone for hosting a hate-monger. I mean, isn't Rollingstone a supporter of "Hatespeech isn't Freespeech?"

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