Joe Rogan talks Kyle Rittenhouse, BLM, Antifa with Tim Pool

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Joe interviewed independent news podcaster and cultural commentator, Tim Pool. They discuss the recent Kyle Rittenhouse trial and acquittal, BLM and ANTIFA.

I hope you all enjoy.

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  1. We should also have a mandated serious financial penalty for media outlets who publish misinformation about private individuals who do not have the means to contest the lies legally. There should be a law allowing the police to investigate media distortions identify false information and require the outlets to do full page corrections or full video corrections naming and shaming without recourse to layers when the information can be shown to be plainly wrong.

  2. It shouldn't matter if he shot black people or not. Shouldn't matter if the people attacking him had criminal histories or not. It should only matter that they were attacking him.

  3. When NPR misreports something, it's not like "oops, grammatically we are correct, however we understand how it could be misunderstood." That's acceptable for ME, in idiot, to use as an excuse.
    But. They aren't me. They literally have Journalism and mother fucking communications degrees!!!!! This shit isn't accidental.
    It's time to start holding them accountable. Hollywood can demonize people, so can we. Let's start reporting who does this along with their private addresses. Let them be judged by their honor.
    No wrong doing and nothing to worry about, right? Every professional should be willing to stand behind their work.

  4. The fake news is the epidemic that is going to get more people killed than covid. We have already seen children mown down at Christmas parades described as the work of a car. Can you imagine the vitriol that would have been published about white people as a group if that driver had been white? It's disgusting and black people should not be blamed for this psycho's behaviour but we live in an age where the scapegoating of groups so long as they have a vague relationship to power is considered a validating factor so some guy who shares a skin colour with Donald Trump but lives in a trailer in Montana, has no work and no money is constantly being told he is more privileged than will Smith. That is a recipe for reactionary political growth and the race baiters who are getting rich quick promoting their particular brand of bigotry are not helping anyone least of all poor black people. We need to come together as people, America needs to make it's prisons much better, violent and sexual offenders must be separated out and isolated, Young men in the inner city who are going off the rails need to receive long but humane sentences not in prisons where they learn to be better crooks but in army style boot camps where they are not coddled by mothers who will defend any outrage they commit, but where hard men who understand the pressures men face in society can work them, discipline them, make the cost of their criminal behaviours unprofitable and teach them self reliance. Don't send these car thieves to prison send them to boot camp for four years. Send gang bangers to boot camp for ten years. They don't need to be taught to be better predators they need to be taught to take responsibility for themselves and learn to work.

  5. Check out Dr. Todd Grande. He did an amazing breakdown in a 10-minute video a couple weeks ago. This kid was only 17 and everyone involved in this event was looking for trouble. I don't feel bad for any of them. Chaos invites more chaos

  6. Kyle was there because the police stood down. There should have been police and the National Guard protecting those buisness and buildings, not Kyle. We can agree on that I would hope. However, when there's no justice, there's just us.

  7. At least, Rogan is finally coming out of the closet that he is a right-wing nut job, like his friends from Fox News. It's been laughable how he acted as someone else for so long when it's obvious as ever what his real agenda is.

  8. I do think it's a race thing, but the irony is I feel that way because Kyle was racially profiled. I don't know if they would've attacked Kyle if he was black. I don't think they'd see him as a white supremacist or racist who was there to terrorize protesters. I don't know if they would've attacked him if he was black, dressed like a black panther, and carrying the same weapon. If he was a black panther saying he came to protect property and help the community, I don't know if they'd say "he had no business there". The people who assumed that he killed black people are profiling him the same way his attackers did. These are all race/culturally-based assumptions.

  9. I am on Kyle's side, but at 2:30 Tim Pool has a huge misconception: Gaige said he heard him say that he is with the police, this DOES NOT imply he believed it. So don't construct the idea that Gaige was ready to attack police-involved people out of the mere statement that he heard kyle claiming to be with the police.
    In my personal evaluation, Gaige was just very confused with the situation but had good motives. Of course, Gaige was absolutely wrong in all his assertions and should be held accountable for his actions.

  10. The MSM need to be taken down. How can they get away with all the lies, and not just this topic. Trump, Corona, I could go on all day. And who are the morons that believe them ?

  11. Joe asks why there's such animus for Kyle: People know he didn't shoot blacks pretend he did. Pretending he's racist. So, why do people want Kyle WRONGFULLY convicted..? Easy: THEY JUST HATE WHITE PEOPLE. What's so hard about it?

  12. Two bald men. One comfortable in his baldness, the other so uncomfortable he let's his head overheat any time he makes a public appearance. That's gotta be unpleasant to go through. Tim, just embrace your baldness, son. For real.

  13. So I believe that if your town is literally being burned down and the cops aren't doing shit and the governor won't call in the National Guard then I WANT q7 yr olds who've handled weapons to take action like this. I don't want to live in a country that just sits home and let's it all burn while watching it live on media. If we had more of that then there would be less ANTIFA.

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