Joe Rogan: The Crime Of the CENTURY!? CHINA Steals Ai Technology IP From US Company!!

WATCH TO THE END!! Joe Rogan & Michael Malice discuss the crime of the century, China steals a US company and all their Intellectual property and ride off into the sunset. An artificial intelligence company, this is not good. We must figure out how to secure these ideas from these parrots of life stealing all our ides lol. What are your thoughts? Comment below

Michael Malice is a cultural commentator and host of the PodcastOne podcast “Your Welcome.” He’s the author of two books, “Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il,” and “The New Right: A Journey to the Fringe of American Politics.”

Joe Rogan Experience # 1721

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  1. The problem is that people, especially young people, think it’s discriminatory to scrutinize China’s actions.
    Here’s the truth. China cannot do AI on their own. Less than 5% of the worlds AI parents belong to Chinese companies. How is this possible when 80% of the world’s engineers live in China?!
    Easy to explain.
    The education system.
    It doesn’t promote creative, individual thinking. It promotes beehive thinking for the greater good of the regime.
    Why r western people this naive to think that we are all playing with the same set of rules?

  2. Bruh have you seen the art school finals pictures that came out from a art school in China ? It was a huge indoor gymnasium and it was packed full of rows and rows and students taking their art finals. There had to be At least five hundred kids in that one room

  3. Government officials, industry and the news media are all paid off from China to say, there is nothing to see here folks just move along. The biggest offender is in the white house. It is that obvious just open your eyes.

  4. China has so much blackmail crap on thr Brandon Obama 3.0 administration and government bureaucracis and so many corrupt rich in the US nothing will be done until the citizenry retakes the Republic.

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