Joe Rogan: The Massive Red Wave Coming For MidTerms In Response To Crazy “Woke” Culture!

Joe Rogan & Bridget Phetasy discuss the major problems with seed oils and how they are bad for our health! We need to avoid using these oils and use a less processes cold pressed olive oil or one of the high quality oils! What’re your thoughts comment below

Bridget Phetasy is a writer and stand-up comedian. She is the host of the podcast “Walk-Ins Welcome” and youtube program “Dumpster Fire,” and co-host, along with her husband Jeren Montgomery, of the podcast “Factory Settings.”

Joe Rogan Experience # 1890

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  1. It's wild how this moron claimed he had a friend who knew a teacher with firsthand knowledge of litter boxes in schools. Flat out lied to his mouthbreather fans and they love him for it. Trump much?

  2. Why be afraid of what you believe? Why be afraid of who you are and what you believe? Grow up. Be adults. Stop this nonsense. Adult being afraid to stand up for what is logical and correct. Bowing down to idiots and low class culture and values being bulldozed onto them. Grow up you weak children.

  3. If you’re basing your vote off of “woke culture”, then you’re prioritizing the wrong issues. I’m not changing my entire political identity because of some GenZ idiots, I’m more worried about this October being one of the hottest on record since the 1800s. The fact is, the right cares about culture war issues because that’s where they win, and I can’t blame them.

    When the majority of the country agrees with raising the minimum wage, doing something about climate change, supporting universal healthcare, you change the conversation to culture war issues. Because that’s ground you can win on.

    I don’t think transgender women (or men, if you prefer) should play in biological women sports. I also don’t want life to drastically change for the worse if not end because of climate change.

    I care about the issues that matter. I want a strong middle class, I want universal healthcare (which 99% of the developed world has aka anywhere it doesn’t suck to live), I want people to be able to retire. Most people would agree with wanting these things, and so the right changes the conversation to something where they are, for lack of a better word, right.

    If you’re letting a bunch of radical pink haired Gen Z super leftists make you care about dumb culture war issues more than the existence and prosperity of the human race and our county, at best you are seriously mis prioritizing the issues that are important, at worse you’ve fallen for propaganda.

  4. And then there are others who are forced to vote blue until all the MAGA folks are gone. After 2020, I cannot take the far-right anymore. It is what it is. From a demographic standpoint, eventually the far-right will become so small. What we need are pragmatic politicians that will just solve problems without fear of losing power.

  5. Its not so much that this country needs republicans running the show- we know there are a huge amount of turd republicans already in office.. no, its about erasing the fuckin piece of shit anti- freedom platform of these fuckin wokes/liberals/demoncrats

  6. LUCIFERIANISM VS Good people… That is what is happening right now. Jesus (love) vs the RrOCKEFELLER / RrOTHSCHILD satanic occult planned takeover / sacrifice agenda

  7. Even lot of Indian friends want Trump back! Therefore they are persuing Indian-Americans to vote for Trump! Trump has universal Appeal! This man brought peace for 4 years. 2016-2020 No war!

  8. I'm ok voting red, but not these maga weirdos. Too many align with those right wing extremists. But I'm also tired of the Dems are just being complacent. It's embarrassing. We need more people in the center.

  9. Voted blue my whole life. Probably won’t ever again and it’s because The party’s embrace of the radical woke agenda. I hope their time spent virtue signaling in the sun was worth it because they’ve lost the moderate vote.

  10. The democratic side has become a huge joke with being overly woke. But by no means will I ever vote republican with most of their women's rights and still driven by religious beliefs. I'm stuck in the middle with no where to vote.

  11. I’m legitimately curious what the Republicans’ solution to homelessness and drug use would be. All I hear is how this is all the fault of the Democrats, but I never hear what Republicans would do instead. Just lock everyone up in prison for life, I guess? Does anyone here know?

  12. Part of the backlash against failed democrat policies is due to the fact that you can't apply the same strategies in different cultures and expect the same results. Specifically policies regarding homelessness and crime developed by cultures oriented towards the greater good will not pan out the same way in American "me first" culture.

  13. The simple thing is if they flat out natural differences between girls and boys by obfuscating both sexes different inherent qualities, future adults will be so stripped down in character and so uniform that will be really easy to mangle up by politicians and minions if they convince them of being the most outrageous they can be as kids, that is being whatever they’re not. Whoever the kid is it's taken over by an alter ego taking away any core integral base of self defense just because self…isn’t there anymore. I would like to hear those who are truly gay or trans in their inception what they think about this ongoing shit.

  14. This culture is doing the opposite of what they want it to. I’ve voted blue and won’t be this time around. I’ve also started digging deeper into the church and the Catholic Church seems to be one of few to stand up and have answers to so many questions. It has direction and actual rules. I bet you, this whole woke movement will lead more ppl back to religion to find meaning in life and structure with values.

  15. The Woke world has just made freedom of speech less free, and that’s the most dangerous thing that can happen.

    Now we have people afraid to talk about important things in public, which can segregate groups and cause greater division.

    It’s time we stopped caring about what some people on the internet think and start living in reality.

  16. Democrat or Republican = two heads of the same antichrist beast. Two wings of the same unclean bird.
    Repent and seek Jesus Christ and come out of Babylon or else partake in her sins and receive her plagues.

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