joe rogan THREATENS dr. sanjay gupta

animation by: Seamus Coughlin and Jaime Velasquez

Written by FreedomToons


  1. CNN in 1928.

    Don Lemon: "EEWW this Alexander Flemming guy is feeding bread mold into people to cure infections. We throw our moldy bread to pigs, hes giving them pig food".

    Cris Cuomo: "Dude, its totally bogus we have it on good authority that leaches and bloodletting is the only acceptable practice for ill humors..heh..humors. That utra pro British monster doesn't even use mercury to cure syphilis as is the proper practice. the mercury producers are say is the only safe method. We advise all people that get a really smelly wound or dripping privates to go to their nearest barber for a blood letting and a mercury injection"

    Don Lemon."this is so dangerous using pig mold. Its just like that insane belief that another doctor has that washing hands before sawing off a leg will make any difference". !

    Now the financial news.

    Stelter: "This just in the, pharmaceutical company Slice and Dice are making record profits in their medical grade mercury, and leach futures have gone up 10 points!:" Also people arount the country are forcing musket wounded people to wait for thier amputations while people that are over dossing on pig mold are ODing by the thousands

    Background: Uh Brian there was only one case and itr was a plastered drunk guy that fell into the pen after being coughted in jam. Come to think of it why are you so dirty and smell like Jam"

  2. How come this video isn't age restricted?
    I imagine that similar depction of such blatant violence could only be found in sites from the deepweb!
    C'amon, YouTube! We've got kids here!

  3. I'd wager good money Gupta was told to say he felt "threatened." CNN's afraid Joe will sue (which he should) for defamation (because he was defamed) so they're trying to inject any possible counter suit idea, regardless of how implausible.