Joe Rogan UNMASKS CNN’s True Agenda

As CNN releases a fiery statement regarding its feud with Joe Rogan we look at the network’s corporate relationships.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. CNN is very desperate. Soon they will loosing a defamation lawsuit vs Joe Rogan and Kyle Rittenhouse.
    They should sue the network and anchors.
    I am sure if Anderson Cooper looses a few million dollars he will shut up.

  2. I like that you are questening the big Media, Russell. But i dont agree with your agenda. Its so sade for us european to see the US so divided. I am afraid, that chanels like yours are making it worse. But keep on being critical 🇩🇰👍

  3. It amazes me how many people don't take two seconds to do some research and find out that drugs have formulations for animals and people for example aspirin. Yes the therapies Joe Rogan used are being used in an off-label use but that's nothing new either. Birth control pills are used to stop menstrual bleeding, The list of drugs that are prescribed for off label issues is very, very long so that's a disingenuous argument for not using these drugs to fight Covid when studies have shown they're effective and have been around for over 60 years. Anyone still wondering why Africa, for the most part, had single-digit cases of covid? Here's the link to one of the studies done on Covid in Africa: Why COVID-19 is not so spread in Africa: How does Ivermectin affect it? – Abstract – Europe PMC

  4. What do these companies have in common: Phizer, Moderna, J&J, Novavax, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS? Their largest shareholders are Vanguard and Blackrock. Oh, and they are the largest shareholders of Amazon after Bezos.

  5. Russell, I do like your analytical approach towards the truth. You have been down the rabbit hole; you have found the man behind the curtain! I really wish that you would read som Rush Limbaugh or listen to some of his analysis from his show. Rush has bee telling us this for over 30 some years. It has been the same since I was old enough to remember. Keep up the good work!

  6. 5:18 THAT Power is now being completely removed, step by step and taking up speed rapidly. GIMME OPIOIDS, i dont want to go wake into Dystopia . Face it, either at least 80% rise NOW AND ALL AT ONCE and that wont happen, so they won already. Its going to be ugly. Yeah sure Russ, Meditation is going to change….what??? ( i like your Channel but i dont follow noone blindly) Dont worry, you got your fans
    ( Fun fact- fan comes from fanatic.)

  7. Kinda funny for me. I tried listening to this guy quite a while ago. And he was advocating for the exact opposite of what he is now. Maybe he got his eyes opened and grew up finally. Good to see.

  8. Rember as well, Russell, that Joe Rogan also has a "great deal of communicative bandwidth" as you say, and what he chose to do with bandwidth is to promote completely unfounded cures for a pandemic that has taken the lives of millions of people while simultaneously casting doubt on the one scientifically proven way to cure/mitigate the disease. Ya, CNN obviously chose a subjective way to frame Rogan's behavior.. but so fucking what? They didn't lie. Furthermore they haven't put Rogan out of business and he is still free to continue his podcasts and pontifications about anything he feels like. Maybe you just decided to make this video defending Joe Rogan because you like him and are friends with him. What does that make you?

  9. Brand and Rogan, the ineffectual, underperforming white male's "reasonable voice". A "middle'ground" life-raft, for people desperately in need of some validation because their view of the world is being challenged waaah waaaah. Confirmation bias for the white man with the victim complex and total disregard for of the lives or experiences of people who aren't them. Both just chancers with nothing but a god complex and a fading career between them.

  10. In the past, I didn't particularly like Russell's public persona or his humor most of the time, but I have totally changed my mind.
    I have for a long time considered myself a humanitarian, libertarian spiritually and not alined or standing behind any flag.
    No, I actually Like Him as he genuinely believes in what he's saying is true and backs it up. Much Respect Russell.

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