Joe Rogan vs Joe Rogan Smears

Check out the vid I made for Breaking Points!

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Written by Matt Orfalea


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  1. Hey Matt, Great video! I knew all this stuff already, because I watch Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore, but the Shitlibs and Sheeple need to WATCH THIS VDEO! By the way, I watch most of my Youtube on Apple TV and they never put your videos into my Recomended, I have to go and look for them.

  2. MSM: Did you hear what Joe Rogan said to Dr. Cornell West? He said "I can't recommend your book…" Clearly a racist!
    🤣😂🤣 Great video as always, Orf! Keep exposing these grifting criminals!

  3. Thank you for exposing the neocon Authoritarian pro-lockdown latte neoliberal DNC synthetic “Left”! They are no better than the Bush era neoliberal neocons in the GOP!

  4. This is not hypocrisy, but gaslighting. He is popular and they can't accept that progressive person is popular, but they will call bunch of woke shitheads progressives even though such people are just progressives in names and push corporate agenda. Media does everything to tarnish progressive names by taking the best representative from us like Joe Rogan and Russel Brand, but will call unpopular BS like "defund the police" and CRT as progressive issues. Every progressive wants fair justice system and fair education, but nobody wants to defund the cops or brainwash kids. Also every self respecting progressives are always against censorship, war and for medicare for all and UBI. Most of the work crowd just talks platitudes. I am happy that so many are wising up to the cone.

  5. Almost all of them are aware they're lying.
    They don't care.
    They believe their end justifies all means… to the point where even the end doesn't matter anymore.
    F a s c i s t n i h i l i s m of the highest order. They are just getting started… 😔

  6. To be clear Obama was a SH*T president and I would not vote for MIchelle Obama in a million years… but I am #NeverDemAgain after two rigged in our faces primaries and two F.U. American DNC conventions were working people are treated like crap and waved rapists, liars, warmongers and anti choice oligarchs in front of us expecting us to bow down in respect… no way!

  7. Everyone who sees this comment go to Twitter RIGHT NOW and @ Joe Rogan with this clip he should see this so he knows the truth about him will always rise above the bs the MSM and various smear artists put out about him.

  8. Matt, when was the last time Joe Rogan had someone from the left on his show? I think the point from those on the left is that in the past Joe had more of a mix of conservative and progressive guests on his show, but in the more recent past he's had nothing but conservative guests and provided a platform for their conservative ideas and narrative. All of the clips of lefties shown in your video are 100% true. But also 100% old. We all know Joe Rogan has a tendency to agree and be influenced by his guests, whether left or right. So it's really a question of WHAT IS TRENDING CURRENTLY? And the left argues that objectively all can see that he's been trending for quite some time – now promoting right-wingers. At least this is the argument from the left. Honestly, I'm not that plugged in and don't really follow this closely, so I don't know myself. But it does seem very apparent that all your "hypocritical lefties" video samples are really old, and therefore this video is biased. I'm disappointed since I've always been a HUGE supporter of yours. Along with Joe Rogan's anti-vax stance and spreading of medical misinformation about Ivermectin, etc., the left claims that he's had a recent significant shift and trend to the right regarding his guests, and thus his own espoused opinions. Am I wrong? Can you make a similar video that includes Joe Rogan making the same kind of liberal-leaning statements and sentiments but from the past year? Am I wrong in guessing that would be challenging? It is the CHANGE in Joe Rogan's direction, from past years (i.e, your cherry-picked clips), that is the reason the left has become critical of Joe Rogan. Maybe adding the dates of those clips in the upper corner would allow a more honest critique.

  9. Anyone smearing Joe Rogan, painting him as a right winger is clearly a corporate media tool. They don't even pretend to want to tell the truth any more.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again ; Fantastic job Matt!

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