Joe Rogan: Younger Generations Are Not Starting Families

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  1. He’s forgetting the most important factor, which is…..Who the hellllll wants to raise kids in this fuckked up social media era we’re in??? This fake woke, rainbow, agenda pushing generation??

    No thankyou!

  2. It’s crazy reading these replies as someone who’s parents are immigrants haha. No wonder Europeans and Americans think they’re being replaced. They settle for 1 kid at best whilst we have like 3-4 minimum

  3. Yeah start a family in a rigged monopoly board America? Where social media runs wild, inflated prices, crime, cheating out the ass , shooting up schools, child support , alimony, etc etc.
    Yeah no thanks.

  4. Literally everything at the touch of a button, two sides of everything constantly screaming for your attention— all the time.

    War, and money hungry politicians squeezing EVERY possible penny they can out of EVERYBODY they can.

    You can hear the life stories of hundreds of lives in a day, and try to find moral behind it; and integrate it into their own lives— good or bad.

    Minimum wage doesn’t cover the cost of living anymore, not even close.

    No wonder people are moving back in with mom and dad, and staying the fuck indoors.

    This shit’s scary dude.

  5. I'm a 73 y/o male. I saw this shit coming in the early 1960's. I chose not to have kids, after 13 years she bailed and remarried, I stayed single. She had 2 sons, both are near 30 years old, both still live at home and both have mediocre jobs. I recommend going into the Air Force, if you want a future and let the military pay for your college. By the time you're 40 your military career is over, you'll have a college education and you can move to a country like the Philippines where your retirement from the service is enough to get ahead. Right now, it cost $30K USD to build a nice 3 bedroom home in the Philippines. Things are going downhill in the USA. Life as you know it will get harder and harder, move to where things are getting better, not more difficult. It doesn't do any good to blame the boomers, or younger people. Improve your life, move to a cheaper country.

  6. The REAL problem is that everything is too expensive. None of these business owners and landlord are showing the public any mercy. They are completely apathetic to the common citizen's needs of survival and they just keep hiking up their prices, while employers are trying to pay less wages. It's largely the greed problem of the human condition. And the citizens aren't off the hook either because, instead of being willing to struggle together, everyone is looking for the next guy in the best situation. Women want the most wealthy guy and men want the most beautiful woman. Thus, citizens vain standards along with corporate greed is bringing us to this sour point of our history.

  7. Because the younger generation are the divorce babies. They went through … Dragged through… Their parents divorces and are traumatized. The legal system and society are all supporting the divorce / remarry / divorce / remarry lifestyle. But meanwhile ignoring the cost to children's lives and the tax payers. It costs an entire generation and then some. So now … No one wants to marry except for lgbtqiaeiou+2 community. No one wants to go to court and be humiliated and broke af. Those lawyers and judges do… They make bank off it … And society advocates for it.

    So … Ya… Fuck the whole game. They are smarter. Go figure huh? The tide pod generation is smarter. 🙄

  8. My generation just went through 3 financial meltdowns

    Who wants to pay these bill w sad money

    Who wants more debt etc

    We facing famine , war and inflation…. The next 25 years are going to be harsh and the elderly will be fair game to the machine

    Y’all think it’s a joke

    Millennials owe you elders nothing

  9. People ought to be looking at the situation we are in/facing and think-how can I ensure the best outcome for my family? Unfortunately we don’t have a society that does that anymore. Look at the boomers-the “me” generation, with their pensions, who now spend as much of their social security on leisure as they can get their hands on. Moving away from their families when they should be moving closer to them to be in their children’s and grandchildren’s lives. Yes I’m generalizing and yes speaking from somewhat anecdotal evidence. I will never be rich. I will have to work most of my life but everything I earn will be going into setting my kids up so they don’t have to work like I have had to. Our country is quickly sliding-hurtling towards a society of wealth inequality and the haves and the have nots. You can stop the inevitable for your children. Build your family, stay with them and work together.

  10. As a 20-something living in Massachusetts, I cannot afford a 1 bedroom apartment on my own even if I work a 40 hour job at minimum wage. And if I want a degree, I basically have to sign up for $200k of debt. There's really no hope lol, at least not in this system.

  11. ????? How did we get here Joe asked? Well the Corruplican crooks you like to vote for little Joey have spent the past 30 years destroying the middle class so people like you and Trump only have to pay 750.00 a year in taxes while people like me have to pick up the slack…. I can't afford kids because Im raising an entire generation of rich Corruplicans that dont pay taxes

  12. This is the first time in human history where the woman's job is just as important as the man's job. As a species, we've only been trying to figure out for the last few decades how a marriage works and how a family works when both partners are career driven. Don't misunderstand me – I'm all for women's liberation. I have made big sacrifices to support my wife's career. But developing nations don't have this low-birth rate problem because the man is still considered the bread winner. People have to get married young and stay married when gender roles are rigidly defined and skill sets are limited to specific genders. Call it evolutionary or Biblical, but most women seem to be attracted to men who can provide and protect them throughout their life. That's why they date men who are taller and bulkier and are career driven. Most men seem to be attracted to youthful appearance because youth means the woman can make several babies. And men often get intimidated by high-power women, so they don't date up the economic ladder like women. So, this "women in the workplace" movement @#$$ed up the laws of attraction and mating. Now we have single women who are working 85 hours a week at law firms and when they hit their mid-30s, they say, "Why am I doing this? This is not helping me get a family." It also makes raising a family more difficult when both parents are focused on their careers.

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