Joe Scarborough of MSNBC FREAKS OUT Over Arizona Audit ON AIR!

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC had what can only be described as an on-air meltdown over the issue of the Arizona audit. The issue of the 2020 election is still a soft spot for many, especially those on the left, although the left will point the finger… (CONTINUE READING / SOURCES:

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  1. Point being if they know Biden won honestly and legally they would be saying “go ahead and audit everything” because the results would not change on a drastic level…that anchor deserves the ever living shit beat out of him by an “idea” like antifa ?

  2. Dems are scared of the truth. Dems only knows racism like this ah. You ah don't own this country. Look who is talking. Yah the facts. What are you afraid of. You get out yourself it will be good for humanity

  3. Truth will always prevail. Dems can't fool Americans all the time. Scared borough is just yapping. Ignored these ah and do the right thing.

  4. "Don't like it, get out"…… also the left from 2016 – 2020 " Not my president" & "Muh Russian calloosian". They even tried to stoke the flames of WW3, recently by falsely reporting AGAIN that Russia was responsible for the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack. These mass propagandizing clowns need to be charged with high treason.