Joe SLAMMED From All Angles!! Media & Fact Checkers EXPOSE His ENDLESS LIES As Voters TURN On Him


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Written by Liberal Hivemind


  1. At least he'll go down in history as the bag of crap he is. But the sad part is it's at he expense of America. Hopefully people pay more attention from now on.

  2. out of ALL the amendments in the Bill of R I G H T S, the one you ARE wrong on Uncle Joe, is the 10th Amendment. The States will ALWAYS have their own rights as a sovereign entity. I personally think ALL 10 are ABSOLUTE, with minor (few) exceptions. Speech in that yelling fire in a crowded theater, or threatening the President, are not tolerated. AND to CHANGE the Constitution, you MUST AMEND IT as the Constitution says. Not by congressional acts or bills, Presidential Executive Orders, or any other means. Amend it or IT
    DOES NOT CHANGE! "…Right of the PEOPLE to bear and keep arms, shall not be infringed." Means exactly what it says.

  3. This Cancer-curing blabla from Biden, it's not totally wrong actually, remember how Obama visited Cuba some years back? Cuba said it had a vaccine against lung cancer, that they were distributing for $1 to their people. It was true, it's called CimaVax-EGF. I guess Obama took a pinch of that back home – why isn't it yet on the US market? You know the answer.
    Treating a disease makes way more money than curing a disease. Sad truth.

  4. Wow they’re really mad at you. I didn’t get an option to share directly to Facebook. I had to copy the link. Looks like you’re doing a great job. ???

  5. ? I don't recall President Trump getting 4 Pinocchios… Could it be that maybe Biden is a worse liar than they believe Trump to be??
    …now if only someone had warned them before the election… ?

  6. What supporters? Oh those people he created by cheating in the history of political time. We suffer because of his political career. We can only bleed so much before we die.

  7. I think he is the weakest ''President'' . He did not even win. Unless, if they disclose what really happened during the election. like Shutting out the republican poll watchers, suddenly stopping the counting when it was leading to Trump`s victory, etc etc.


  9. Joe Biden might have been referring to the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird? It’s a special ops super jet that can travel at 2,100 mph (rather than 21,000 mph) but there’s no possible way to commercialize it – it only seats two and only 32 were ever made. It’s unit cost would have to be rather substantial, seeing as it must be made of materials that can withstand the 600°F temperatures it reaches due to the high velocity. Normal airliners tend to cruise around 600-800 mph if I remember right. They wouldn’t be able to reach speeds much higher with the technology we currently have simply because they are so big that they produce too much drag. But maybe old Joe knows of some new technology that will allow not only for planes to travel at Mach 33 speeds but also for humans to be able to survive it, who knows?

  10. I prefer to think that the election was corrupt and fraudulent vs the alternative that there are over 80 million people who wanted Biden to be President. That means a third of our country is stupider than Joe Biden, because he clearly knows he can't handle the job anymore…

  11. It does not matter how much he and The Kackler get slammed. He will be removed and Kacklin' Kamala or worse will be put in his place, and the same (and worse) orders will be given. The only hope is that there is enough of a valid voting process left that the people's actual choices are followed in 2022 and 2024. Failing that.. things look pretty grim.

  12. It takes a terrorist attack or criminals to kill american citizens before before this administration will do what's right. Something will happen and it won't be good. I pray that l'm wrong because l never want to see another 9/11 again in my lifetime and if it does then this President should be charged with murder.

  13. Its so obvious the Biden crime family will cause the walking corpse to go down in history as the absolute WORST president EVER. But he wont even know. His mind is already gone. Never thought i would see such a fucked up scenario.

  14. The problem is that Biden does not care that he continues to fail. He is also not bothered that people call him out on his lies. He knows he is only in this for term, and he does not care about what anyone thinks of him. Biden just wants to set himself and his family up for even bigger pay days from foreign countries after he leaves office. He is the most corrupt politician that has ever lived!