Joel Gilmour Arrested – Northcote Plaza Freedom Protest OFFICIAL LIVE STREAM – FREEDOM FOR VICTORIA

FREEDOM FOR VICTORIA – No Industry Mandates March Protest – Northcote Plaza – 24 SEPTEMBER 2021

Protesters gathered on the 24th of September 2021 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to oppose the C 19 va cine being mandated to all workers if they wanted to keep their job. Victoria Police were patrolling all areas of the city in attempt to prevent any peaceful assembly from happening. The two original meeting locations were at Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy North and Darling Gardens in Clifton Hill. It wasn’t long until the police had those locations blocked off so no one could gather. Eventually people started to gather in an area a bit further away from the city, at the back of a shopping centre, Northcote Plaza. It wasn’t long until the police helicopter was hovering above and the Public Order Response Team (Riot Squad Police) swarmed the area with batons, rubber bullet guns and capsicum powder bullet guns to disperse the group. Here’s the footage from Independent Journalist Joel Gilmour from FREEDOM FOR VICTORIA.


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