John Adams: Rampant Inflation & Panic as Day of Reckoning Looms

In this latest interview, Darryl and Brian Panes from As Good As Gold Australia speak with Chief Economist, John Adams.

The RBA has raised rates this week for the second month in a row, this time by 0.5% and up to 0.85%. What is John’s assessment of the impact they will have on the economy?

In addition to raising interest rates, the RBA has announced its Quantitative Tightening program, which will commence this month. What does the program entail and what are the ramifications likely to be?

Will the RBA ultimately be successful in tackling inflation, and if not, why not?

John believes the RBA will have to pop the bubble to successfully tackle inflation and provides a stark realization of what that might mean. Are you ready for it? How about a repeat of the 1892 worst ever depression and unemployment north of 30%.

There is a day of reckoning coming and a nightmare scenario on our doorstep.
Now more than ever before, one needs to hold the world’s historical number one safe haven investment – gold. We have been warned!


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  1. I agree with John Adams on most things here, but the key is employment. There won't be a serious property collapse as Australians have just just elected a socialist government who will keep kicking the can down the road. Albo wants a 5.5% wage rise. That's the plan – to deflate the debt away and as long as people remain employed these wage rises will cover loan repayments, as the RBA will be the one that panics. And capitulates. Given the public service remains a dominant employer and there are also socialist State governments, nothing will change – except the value of the AUD which will continue to fall. In essence people will still think it's "Ok" because- yes they can afford Bali (hence yr comments) but basically the standard of living on a world scale drifts lower and lower. So I see this long drift lower, continuing for the duration that socialism remains the dominant political force in the country. It won't be until there is mass shedding of public service jobs that a collapse will occur. Your "depression" could be a while off yet. Off course gold will do great throughout this inflationary environment. And so will quality property. It's also an inflation hedge. But to be that, assets need to be quality "just in case" there is an unexpected shock from left field. Like an external run on the big 4 banks. (Only a quality asset can be offloaded quickly as a fail safe measure) and debt needs to be serviceable. Just MO

  2. always top videos. excellent work. a 1 hour video is a good time to invest. learn. your videos are being watched in vienna austria. ps i am from a other planet. but had my training in zimbabwe inflation from late 2000s. cheers christopher

  3. Rob Kirby had shed light on the Keynes fraud. He said that shortly after he created this debt based system, it was brought to his attention by some economists that his system had a major flaw and was destined to fail. His answer was “what’s the difference. In the end we’re all dead anyway “. There you have the mentality of an imbecile

  4. With rates going up, deposit rates will also go up. In that case gold should retreat? If inflation will be sustained then deposit rates should also be sustained and with gold in retreat. Could it be the actions of gold in the 70’s simply be a reaction of recency bias since the world was just off gold backed currency in that time? Compared to today, my used car has returned more than gold

  5. Who is the one calling for a party and good time, now that the reckoning why are they so silent, how about the modern money theory and the joke of universal basic income, where do they get their social education?

  6. Bonds are code word for govt theft. If Australia fall in line with west against China, the mining sector will fall of a cliff. The right politicians will be paid off to make that happen and send Australia into a deep hole.

  7. That was very informative, and tells me things are going to get interesting. Overlay all the other issues Australia has with health, infrastructure, bureaucratic delays, energy costs, housing costs and it's a wonder how people voted for this situation.

  8. The masses are oblivious I wish the business of work, family maintenance and mortgage repayments would cease long enough so people could have a moment to assess their situation..I honestly thought the lockdowns would allow that moment.. nope.

  9. The lunatics in the asylum are the only sane people on the planet. Everybody else is in debt up to their eyeballs. Australians have by far the highest household debt in the world. Find out where your nearest soup kitchen is because you're certainly going to need it soon.

  10. Thank you guys, you have been spot on. Grateful of you sharing this knowledge. The rippling effect I see before my eyes, it's going to be one big suprise, for a lot more than a few. ❤🙌

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