John Barilaro Resigns.

John Barilaro. The deputy premier of NSW has resigned and retired from politics.

Jordan will release a statement later in the day.

Video sourced from ABC News Facebook livestream.

00:00 Before the conference
00:12 Press Conference
06:50 Questions

Written by friendlyjordies


  1. More cheap Champaign!! It makes me happy that after Jordan called out the corruption, the corrupted were held accountable. I actually never thought something like that was possible. I mean I thought they were untouchable.
    Jordan Shanks/friendlyjordies is an Aussie hero 🙂

  2. Bye Bruz!! Sucks that the media scrutise ey. You should be left to be corrupt and greasy without anyone publicly exposing you. How dare they! You'll be exposed, along with #koalakiller and now there is momentum, a watchful eye will be cast on all politicians who have made corruption business as usual.