John Bolton Admits To Plotting Foreign Coups On CNN

Former Bush and Trump administration official John Bolton has never met a war he didn’t want to monger for. In fact, his excessively hawkish ways led to his departure from the Trump White House, after which he became a vocal Trump critic. But during a recent appearance with CNN’s Jake Tapper Bolton, in attempting to defend his former boss from charges of fomenting a rebellion, admitted that he himself had been involved in planning multiple foreign coups.

Jimmy and The Convo Couch hosts Craig “Pasta” Jardula and Fiorella Isabel discuss Bolton’s casually outing himself as a war criminal and speculate about which attempted coups he might have been involved in plotting.

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  1. Distinction: "plotting" does not mean "executing".

    I would be shocked if the US government wasn't "plotting" coups every day, nor any government, for that matter. It's one of the things governments sometimes do and have done forever.

    I guess "leading from behind" in Libya under the Hildebeest and Obummer was supported by the likes of Tapper, and so I'm not surprised he let that pass without comment.

  2. Ok. Trump is not the Republicans of old. To compare him to previous war mongers is just ridiculous. Want I would like someone to ask these damn politicians is why the hell are we interfering with other nations elections or creating coups? America has no business in that. If they are going to get upset when Russia or some other country is doing to us, then they have no moral ground to stand on. U.S. needs to stop interfering.

  3. When Craig says dumb stuff like "putting the cost for America's wars on the credit card" you realize how he hamstrings the entire progressive agenda by pretending that America needs to borrow it's own currency, that it produces, to spend on things. And when he advocates for Medicare or green energy, the right-wing will credulously say "not if it raises the National debt" and he won't have a response because he doesn't understand why that's bunk. This is basically why progressives always lose. They fall for the same neoliberal economic arguments as everyone else.

  4. 00:56 BOLT-ON no brain: "Never met a problem that a BOMB couldn't fix!"

    04:10 "Er, I disagree with that. As somebody who has helped plan coups de' tat…not here but, ya know, in other places…it takes a lotta work!"

  5. Nuremberg definition of Class A war criminal … “crimes against peace” (Class A), defined as the “planning, preparation, initiation, or waging of wars of aggression,” or conspiracy to those ends.

  6. John Bolton has potentially doomed America with his narcissistic antics. People hate us around the world…and it's because of people like Bolton playing games with the public's lives. Nobody should be able to coup a foreign country. It's BS. I give all nations of the Earth permission to deal with Bolton as they see fit.

  7. So Imran Khan was right when he claimed that US conspired to remove him as Pakistani PM and instead installed a bunch of convicts in Sharif brothers who by the way are convicted of money laundering worth billions of dollars

  8. This is why Trump was ineffective as president. He was constantly surrounding himself with establishment hacks like Bolton and Mitch McConnell and not realizing these are all backstabbing idiots.

  9. This is why everyone should hate U$ and Bolton. Ameri~KKK~a is the existential enemy of the entire world. Their barbarikkk kkkrimes against Assange, the world's truth teller proves that.

  10. Can people please message/Tweet Jake Tapper and ask him, when was the last time he, "Organized a coup"? Bolton has experience so he 'knows' what a coup is, Tapper disagrees because he's paid to. President Trump's biggest crime was NO new wars and they weren't going to take four more years of that.

  11. I've heard other news stations mention Boltons coup involvement but they don't mention his insight into Trumps
    non- involvement in the January 6 selfie fest with the capital police.

  12. These people are so used to getting away with criminal conspiracy that they can accidentally admit it and know that nothing will happen to them. The arrogance and corruption is mind blowing.

  13. Remember when pro wrestling used to deny it was all scripted, then they made the move to admit it was a show before it got to the point its denials wouldn't work on anyone anymore? Maybe we have the same strategy here-Let's admit it before we get exposed in a way we can't cover up.

  14. Bolton is as nonchalant about the crime of committing a coup as was the woman in the New York City “surviving a nuclear attack “public service video!
    All very matter of fact.
    Just another average day in the spreading of fear and democracy.

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