John Cleese Calls Out PC CULTURE And WOKE Comedy (CANCEL CULTURE)

Comedy legend John Cleese has recently made some comments in regard to the failings of modern comedy. He takes aim at wokeness, PC culture and cancel culture.

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Written by SC Reviews


  1. I disagree that woke people are killing comedy. They are actually an abundant source of absurd things to mock.

    All of these cult members are dangerous. But the real danger is the woke religion that has trapped them in a box and disabled their ability to reason their way out of it.

    They’ve accepted the idea that reason, evidence, math and even telling time are all tools of white supremacy. They’ve put the handcuffs on and have swallowed the key.

  2. Media thought and mind control. New world order want to remove all human spirit from society. How best to do that? Remove humour and our ability bond through it.

  3. I love you SC & I think your work is excellent most of the time…
    however I have an issue with this upload my friend. The SJW Left have
    precisely no fucks to give about offending the likes of me or you or any
    among your audience. They only care about other SJW's or those who they perceive
    to be lower down on the progressive stack & who are receiving some stick/abuse.
    Those who they politically disagree with they despise & actively go out of their way
    trying to offend us in my experience. Ya see we don't count in their book.

    I have told many of them that THEY & THEIR REVOLTING IDEOLOGY OFFENDS ME
    & they said "GOOD" & that I deserved it because I am a fascist or some such shit.

  4. I listen to comedy to laugh, and have fun, not to be lectured by some twit about politics, morality, or anything else. The woke people have long since finished their 15 minutes of fame, and it is time for them to shut up and move on.

  5. A girlfriend's 16 year-old son wanted to watch an old movie, something funny, and he left the choice to me. I picked "Blazing Saddles", and this lad sat quiet the whole time, stony faced. Afterwards, he said there wasn't anything funny about the film. The kid's been indoctrinated at school. He drank the whole pitcher of Kool-Aid.

  6. 5:51 The problem is that they are not "growing up" they are simply getting older, growing up normally implies improving in mental and emotional maturity, the gaining of wisdom and the facility for logical and truly analytical thinking and calm reasoned argument, viz Jordan Peterson, Christopher Hitchens et al. These creatures should be put back into their playpens where they can scream, rant and throw their rattles out without annoying the rest of us.

  7. It has ALREADY lead to the death of free artistic expression.
    Freedom of Speech
    Freedom of Choice
    And so on.
    It's now finally Comedy's turn.
    The end of Culture the end of Civilization.

  8. I don't agree with Terry Gilliam, race and gender are very important while making jokes. I will give you an example:

    Two black men are in bed together. One man cannot sleep because the other man always sleeps with his legs wide, and then he groans sultry. This has been going on for weeks. He goes to a friend and tells his problem. That friend tells him to go to the butchers shop and buy a tender steak. When he is lying with his legs wide again, put that steak between his legs and gently push those legs together. The man goes to sleep and gets up cheerful the next morning. His friend is worse off. He asks what's wrong, and then his friend says, I had a pelvic prolapse last night, but luckily I got it back in.

    This joke is only fun if one of the two black men is a woman.

  9. Woke comedy? Hmm isnt that an oxymoron. The woke lot have destroyed comedy. Its like Oliver Cromwell was resurrected and wants us to be miserable and pray at the alter of woke leftness. Im surprised they havent announced that humour should be banned as well as free speech unless approved by the Biased Broadcasting Channel, BLM and Antifa. Hope they dont start on Crimbo!