John Durham Is CLOSING IN On Hillary Clinton! New Information REVEALED In Russiagate Investigation!!


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  1. She was doing an interview recently where she said Trump is hinting at running in 2024. Continuing that he needs to be indicted and convicted. So he can't run, because he is a threat to our Democracy and We the People🙄
    If anyone is a threat to We the People, it's her!

  2. Been hearing this for years now. Unfortunately nothing will happen to Hillary Clinton, nothing. Additionally, not one media network will cover it. It’s a big joke!

  3. Oh Barry, because of the First Amendment, we all have access to your playbook, "Rules For Radicals" and we all see EXACTLY what you and your ilk are up to. I promise a fair trial, followed by a first class hanging.

  4. and the DNC has made it clear on many occasion's that they it is for "their democracy" you ever notice how when a democrat is talking everything's a danger to "our democracy" and not just "democracy" in general
    …read between the lines people… its just like "build back better" you can't build something back unless its destroyed first.

  5. How much you wanna bet the the left is gonna want section 230 amendments now. They are gonna try to remove protection for privately owned social media companies. That way they can keep Facebook out of it. Bet a million bucks on it.

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