John Durham scores win in fight for disclosed documents from Clinton camp

Special Counsel John Durham has scored a win after a judge ruled in favour of reviewing previously withheld documents in relation to Hillary Clinton’s former campaign lawyer, Michael Sussman.


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  1. Lol everyone is either under some kind of investigation or should be in the American Government these days. In never leads anywhere but we appreciate the effort at pretending to care.

  2. Are you kiddening me they have found nothing on our great PRESIDENT DONALD J.TRUMP ,but our fake president does everything and nothings done but thats okay because the Lords judgement is coming for them all

  3. Nothing will happen. She leaked all of her files to US Enemies with her Pineapple Pizza Gate computer and NO ONE DID ANYTHING to Hillary for her crimes.

  4. "Not one single news outlet which ran with this hoax will get banned from social media or algorithmically censored by Google for spreading it. No one will be down- rated by Newsguard, no one will be demonetized and no one will lose their PayPal account or credit card processor. Such treatment is reserved only for those who tell the truth." ~ Chris Menahan

  5. Hillary Clinton has always been evil and bill was a bad president. Any good that came out of his presidency was because of Nest Gingrich. I remember democrats retiring from their office after Clinton won, because of clinton.

  6. she will simply have NASA shoot all the evidence into Space. These "NASholes" have been liberal run since the mid 1980's. they'll gladly cave into her threats against their families if they dont.

  7. Bah,Bah,Bah all lip service. America is at the point of no return. The Democrats will somehow win the midterms. The fix is in, otherwise they would change policies to get voters back. Unfortunately this great country is canceled if the Democrats win again.

  8. Totally agree and it's a shame no free speech in the land of the free, is time to stand for our rights and fight against the globalism and their agenda that is not but Global tyranny

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