John Ioannidis – COVID19 Lecture 4/25/2022 @ vkprasadlab | Excess Death, When Does the Pandemic End?

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. A product that works 11% of the time is not an effective product. If you don't agree what is your definition of an effective intervention. And what level of effectiveness is required to make it mandatory.

  2. It is wonderful to have this out there. It's too sad the World will not really hear and know this information or even listen to it.

  3. A large confounder in USA having higher mortality in young folks is our high rate of disabled. In USA, 22% of Medicare enrollees joined Medicare due to disability or ESRD before 65 years old. Some states like Mississippi have 42% of beneficiaries in original disable class. California only 18%, Colorado only 8%. Only 8% will see their 70th birthday. These vulnerable classes keep rising and Covid just made their vulnerability more visible

  4. Truly incredible that at this point in the evolution of the data he still confidently states "masks work" and "HCQ kills" without thinking for a second that it might be a good idea to periodically review and revise positions taken years ago.

  5. For me, the pandemic ended in May of 2020 when I found out everything the “experts” had been predicting and fear mongering about never actually happened. My family and I (wife and 4 kids) immediately went back to our normal life as much as possible at that point and it STILL took another 1.5 years before any of us even got covid in September of 2021. We are all un-jabbed and all got it and were totally fine. My kids all had nothing but a low grade fever and were tired for less than 24 hours and then were fine. My wife and I had the regular symptoms for about 2-3 days and then some lingering cold and sinus symptoms for another week or so and then we were totally fine. Go live your life…stop living in fear. For 99.9% of people who get this it’s no worse, or even less severe than typical influenza. Asses your risk, make the decisions that make sense for you, and go live your life.

  6. Unelected corrupt bureaucrats in so called “public health” should not be deciding when the pandemic is over because they have no interest in allowing it to end. They LOVE the power and influence this whole mess has given them over their fellow citizens and they’re going to fight tooth and nail to hold on to it as long as possible.

  7. As a biology PhD married to a biology PhD, the one thing missing from this otherwise excellent talk is an evolutionary perspective. To me it was fairly predictable that the virus would become less virulent and more infectious under the selective pressure we placed on the virus with vaccines, natural immunity and social distancing.

  8. Excellent as always. If you can extract Dr. Ioannidis voice from the video and then use a 1080 or 4K of the slides in full screen this would be better. I appreciate it would be a lot of work. Unfortunately many of the slides are quite unreadable in this format. Or maybe his voice as a podcast with a pdf to follow along. Of course then it could be a bit hard for some to follow without page numbers. Sounds like something you or Dr Ioannidis could assign to some unlucky postDoc.

  9. I am an M.D. that was attacked..Where is TRUTH and CIVILITY and INNOCENCE ??? Where is SCIENCE now ???? …I am an M.D. from Florida…I worked for Disney in college…I have 5 granddaughters…I voted for Ron DeSantis..FDA staff and Joe Biden and all Medical doctors like Dr.Fauci and Gupta and me were told vaccines are totally safe, totally work, and have no side effects..especially for African-Americans, especially for children..We were lied to …

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    Facial diapers and the Mask dictators and this mask propaganda and Pfizer and vaccines and boosters have failed. Pediatricians get paid with a kickback from the HMOs for vaccinating your kids..Did Pfizer lie???..Cheat???…Hide the problems???.. Did (y)our FDA and CDC and Fauci????….

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    Fauci funded Gain of Function GMO mutant, lethal viruses and Paid to torture baby puppies..Don’t be me. I am an M.D. but let me tell you what parents, politicians, teachers, neighbors, the media, and even doctors didn’t know..

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    We did not know that we are the only country that gives newborn babies Hepatitis B vaccines ( against a sexually transmitted disease) on the 1st day of life..

    We did not know that the US has the highest rate of SIDS in the industrialized world on the 2nd day of life… We did not know that we had more autism than any other country..We did not know that Vaccines could injure an infant's brain (encephalitis) ..

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  10. I wish John wouldn't have remained silent for the past two years to preserve his reputation/access to research dollars. Dr. Jay Bhattacharya was a much braver researcher throughout this fiasco.

  11. The vaccinated are getting infected and spreading. I have stop listening after the underestimation of people's naturally acquired immunity. To say that these leaky vaccines (still based on the first original S1-protein) reduce one's severity of symptoms involves an argument that can neither be proved nor falsified. Karl Popper is probably turning in his grave. Omicron is not as dangerous as the previous variants, anyway. My both adult children – vaccinated – had Covid recently and it was not an easy ride for them. My son got infected eight weeks after his third injection (reason: skiing holiday in Italy), and could not get rid of a terrible cough for a long time. My daughter's unvaccinated partner did not get infected from her. My husband and I (my name is Ewa and I am using his account) are unvaccinated. We had Omicron, which manifested itself as a very mild cold lasting about three days. My husband has also myelofibrosis. I don't understand the rationale behind the current 'vaccines' because they do not prevent infection and transmission. What about my Microbiology 101 and vaccinating during a pandemic that points to putting the virus under a specific evolutionary pressure, because it can freely immune escape? If there has been some kind of paradigm shift I am yet to find out about it. I no longer believe what the mainstream media tells us with its politically driven research. I have to use my anecdotal evidence-list which is quite long now. The naturally acquired immunity is compromised by the current vaccines. My daughter got vaccinated last May and had – for the first time – Covid two months earlier in March. As already stated, she then got Covid, again, in December. This is why her partner, also because of being infected with Covid in March 2021, decided not to get vaccinated and remained unaffected together with their children. What is the point to keep overloading one's T-cells and B-cells with the memory of variants that no longer exist? What is the mechanism of action? Do these jabs prevent the viral replication? How, if many many vaccinated people have to spend some time in bed just like my children had to. Besides, why the treatment is hardly mentioned despite the fact that in 2021 Covid has become a highly manageable disease? Such frequent and useless jabs may lead to immunosuppression and even ADE (according to my research). A few weeks ago, my 74 years old cousin, in Poland, got the virus and died. She was fully vaccinated. My niece, normally healthy in her early 30s – fully vaccinated – two and half months on after contracting Covid, still suffers from its symptoms. She had to be referred to a lung-specialist. Yet, I know many unvaccinated people (including my husband and myself) who are fine despite numerous exposures. I am sorry for being anecdotal, but what else can I do? But, please, if I am wrong correct me. Thank you.

  12. 59:45 How to improve vax messaging and not make it political? For starters: 1) adhere to the Nuremberg Code and do not mandate or coerce people with prizes (from free hamburgers to cash to college tuition to being able to keep your job). Respect individual choice/situation and stick to informed consent, instead of demonizing vast swaths of the population. 2) Do not allow the CDC or other government agencies to create law or be above the law. 3) Fire Anthony Fauci and restructure how that whole relationship between his position and the White House and government policies worked. 4) Make journalism honest again, instead of the propaganda it has become. Why do the large media corporations only push one narrative…in lockstep? Why do they “push” a narrative at all? Who are they beholden to?

  13. Holy hell. Why isn't Dr Ioannidis out more on MSM getting this message out? Challenging the covid forever doomers? HUGE loss for science he's NOT on SM putting this out (but I 100% understand why he's not-going after family members is just a NO

  14. Thank you, great as always. I recall the Plenary Session you had with Dr. Ioannidis after he has suffered his first round in public stocks. His graciousness under this assault and his unwillingness to bend a knee to the maddening crowd and your willingness to provide him a platform him has given me hope that scientific process is still has some life in it. Keep up the good work.

  15. Hello from the African continent…our 54 countries just get ignored. We did ok out of covid, thankfully without vaccination and complete lack of over-vaccination, or over-eating. Shouldn't that make us interest-worthy? Or is it just the wealthy countries that bought into the narrative from day one whose data counts?

  16. I have an issue with the statement that HCQ killed people during the study.
    Were these people administered 10x the allowed dose in the hospital in their latent stage of illness or were they taking the regular dose in the beginning of the Illness? This needs to be clarified as it sounds like another form of disinformation that people have been fed by MSM and the narrow minded medical professionals.

  17. In Canada they are now saying with modelling that unvaccinated are a threat to vaccinated. Keeping the fear porn going. If the jab works, it works, if it doesn't ,it doesn't.

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