John Kasich, Republican, Torches AOC AT Democrat’s Own Convention; This Is Embarassing

John Kasich, Republican, Torches AOC AT DNC Convention;

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Written by Jamarl Thomas

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  1. Are you really surprised, in the U.S. you got two parties the obvious right wing party and the not so obvious right wing party.
    But make no mistake they are both right wing parties!

  2. Progressives have to focus on destroying the political party system and rather voters unions! No politician should be in a political party, it's an outdated model.

  3. Funny thing is, much of the Democratic base of voters are adamant that their party isn’t basically moderate Republicans who are nominally cool with minorities. My former friend who’s a neoliberal stopped talking to me the day Kamala was named as VP, so I never got to find out the “ride or die/settle for Biden” position on Republican John Kasich getting to speak at the DNC Con

  4. I trust AOC about as much as I trust Obama right now. I don’t think she’s representative of the up and coming progressives in the party. She was the first to sellout to Mama Bear Pelosi and tow the party line. I think the only reason they’re “attacking” her is to keep her image of a progressive alive. Look at how she talks and compare it to how she votes and you’ll see Obama style discrepancies. Rhetorically she’s great-but so was Obama. Both of them vote with moderate Republicans when push comes to shove, though. I don’t trust her. She used small progressive YouTube channels to get her name out there and win her seat-hasn’t been back since. I’d chalk it up to her just being busy if Ro Khanna hadn’t made dozens of appearances in the time since AOC got elected. The hell is she so busy doing she can’t make time for the people largely responsible for her winning? Suspicious

  5. I started my voting career by casting a vote for Ross Perot. I, like many people, experienced some guilt when not voting for the (D) because family voted that way and had voted that way for many years. However, I was so proud to cast a vote for Nader (2008), from Chicago, and I have never looked back. Thank you, Jamarl, for what you do. You have also streamlined your presentations since moving onto radio! For those of us not comfortable with Patreon, is there a PO Box that we could send our modest support to?

  6. The Democratic Party belongs in the toxic waste bin of American politics. I'll be voting Green wherever a Green Party candidate appears on the California ballot.

  7. You're right its about the identification. Dems: We'll keep voting blue no matter who. Neocons: Time to rebrand as liberal interventionist. Dems: Sounds good we'll be voting for you!

  8. Jamarl, why does no one including yourself EVER discuss 3rd parties as a viable option? If there were 3rd party candidates on stage for the debates, that in and of itself would be a resounding WIN for the American public. I am certain that only discussing political discourse as a strictly bi-partisan event unintentionally feeds into the problem. Sooooooo many marginalize Democratic voters subconsciously mentally blockout 3rd party alternatives when it is clearly the solution to contemporary bi-partisan politics. When the DNC sees flocks of former Democratic voters flock to vote Green Party, that pressure in and of itself would force them to return left.

  9. Signaling that Biden's going to keep it great for whites and harsh on urban (Black) people with justice lord "I'm a Black Woman who catch a freedman and bring them to justice to serve a Master in private plantation prisons system" Kamala Harris……NICE….LOL ????Trash People who lead will get away with it as long is a majority of the right color of people are doing great within a failing economy for the wrong color of people…….Welcome to the New World Order.

  10. hey everybody….Nick Brana has started a movement to organize a 3rd party called "The Peoples Party" & their convention will be held on August 30th online.
    Nina Turner & Cornel West will be headlining…Finally, a party for true Progressives that Bernie left in the dust! Sign up now, see you there!

  11. Make the vote whether you like it or not – sorry. We can't afford 4 more years of this fucking bullshit. Seriously.

  12. Donald Trump is a Frankenstein's monster that the GOP couldn't contain; when MSM let him loose and it went to town. Joe is Dr. Frankenstein who will restore order and Kasich will be his lab-assistant.

  13. The Democratic Party has no soul, and Biden is the perfect example of the soulless politics of the Party. There's no left in the Democratic Party. If you're in the Democratic Party then by definition you are centrist, not "left."