John Kerry admits Obama was involved in getting Victor Shokin fired to protect Hunter Biden.

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“I will tell you, because as secretary of state I was deeply involved in this – ALL of us in the administration were trying to get rid of that prosecutor, from Obama, to the secretary of state, to the Vice President – ALL of us were working on that – the Ambassador, and, and, we knew if Ukraine was gonna survive, and win the revolution in the end – my God – they had to get rid of that prosecutor.”


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  1. None of the democrats get in trouble for anything. This is making them more emboldened and aggressive toward conservatives and anyone else that do not agree with their politics. It's really sad to watch.

  2. So everyone wanted to get rid of 'that prosecutor' but the Ukrainians had to be threatened with the loss of the billion dollar aid package to finally get it done. It will never pass the smell test.

  3. The revolution is the 'Maidan revolution' to remove the president. With help from the Obama and McCain the neo-Nazis ie. Bandera Group forced the elected president out. What Kerry does not say is that Kerry's Step-Son was involved with Rosement Senica Partners and receiving money!

  4. The United States, since prior to WWII, has been deeply involved with political decisions made within the borders of foreign countries. Not exactly a big secret, from internal political decisions to regime changes. This comes as no surprise.

  5. Nobody in the intel community or in the Executive branch will ever go to jail. It simply hasn't and will not happen. They will always find a way to get out of it. Because voters are fucking STUPID. Keep voting people in office that tell them what they want to hear, once they get in office they don't do the things they said they would do. Trump is the closest President to do as he said he would, this is why he's such a hated President. He's not some Polished Politician, people know this. Yet you have the moron's that don't understand it and they see it as a threat. This goes for BOTH sides of the isle, Republicans do the same bullshit. Say what you mean and do it. Even if you have to call out the brutal truth. Stop voting for people that tell you what you want to hear.

  6. I swear, White People are the WORST at hiding their stupidity and racism. And I'm talking about whoever made this video and the idiots who agree with this clickbait.

  7. Uh, to be fair, Kerry (and I am NO fan of Kerry's) does not, ever, say that they wanted to get Shokin fired to protect Hunter Biden. Where is the video/audio proof that connects the firing of the prosecutor to Hunter Biden? If justice is ever to be carried out, we need THAT proof. We can't be acting like the Democrats and build a case on supposition! Kerry clearly states that the reason for firing the prosecutor is to help Ukraine to survive and wind the revolution. That has nothing to do with Hunter Biden. Where is the connection to Hunter Biden?

  8. first time in history a country holds approved by congress aid to help fire a person they have no way of knowing was corrupt, but some how they do, the only way is from hunter when he called and asked kerry for help, but the Ukrainians never asked, they at burisma called and used the biden name and asked for help, but kerry said obama was involved, lock all of them, no one gets paid a million a year for nothing