John Pilger interviews former CIA Latin America chief Duane Clarridge, 2015

For those who believe in the whole thing about how the US fights for freedom and democracy or whatever, there was a time when CIA — before it openly integrated into the newsrooms of media corporations like NBC and CNN — was candid about its real mission. Listen for yourself as journalist John Pilger interviews former CIA Latin America chief Duane Clarridge about how easily and happily the CIA overthrew democratically elected governments whenever it wanted.

Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. More and more, I'm (and the world is as well) waking up to the truth that US,is THE pariah state and principal distabilising force in the world. No, the world won't tolerate nor "get use to" US oppression, the world is standing up, fighting back

  2. When he says "national security" gives the CIA the right to me overthrow foreign leaders and cause civilian casualties I wish he would have been asked to name and elaborate what those national security interests are.

  3. Clarridge was indicted in November 1991 on seven counts of perjury and false statements.
    George H W Bush pardoned Clarridge before his trial could finish.
    He died of esophageal cancer- curiously, symptoms often include swallowing and weight loss. (Wiki)
    After watching this video – the way he reacts to JP’s questions, perhaps there is a kind of moral consequence.

  4. So he played a key role in overthrowing a democratically elected leader of another sovereign country, can't even remember the name of the person he helped to coup, but expects people to believe he has a strong lock on the numbers of people killed by the coup government? You can't make this sh!t up! And the absolute arrogance of this little twerp is astounding! Even at the peak of his physical abilities, he'd get stomped out in a street fight. Typical coward who hides behind his BIG friends.

  5. Excellently illustrates the depravity that exists in the minds of the people in these organizations. They try to hide this stuff now, but it’s probably much much worse. These things tend to fester.

  6. Too think that his ex outfit runs our foreign policy unthreatened by any level of our government. It takes hit men like this to pull it off.
    Thank you John for revealing the level of baselessness our bullying relies upon.



  8. That sounded like I assume every conversation with someone who ends up in high alphabet agency position would. That’s how we get where we are, and how the revolving door ensures they all have lucrative contracting jobs when they leave, ensuring corporate capture is also run by those same small minded people… it’s sad, really. ‘The best and brightest’ …

  9. I lived in Chile. This guy is like the victor who rewrites history.. to make himself and other monsters look good. Thousands plus were imprisoned, tortured and killed and a couple hundred thousand exiled.

  10. This Duane Clarridge bears all of the disturbing personality traits of a Joe Pesci character. With psychopathic righteous entitlement, the "national security interest" he purports to advocate and advance implies a perpetual state of war against any sovereign nation, or any sovereign person, whose own sovereign security interests do not serve U.S. national [security] interests.
    The concept of the "forever war" embodied by U.S. policy is an ideology as well as a fundamental pillar of the U.S. economy.

  11. Typical cia. The podcast koncrete has a cia gig come on from time to time and he basically says the same bs
    “All you should worry about is your job and family. Let us do the dirty work, and if you don’t like it move to another country “
    Total garbage human beings and they do it off our dime

  12. By national security interests he means economic interests. In this case, economic interests are foreign resources that our gov’t is willing to steal/control at the cost of many human lives. Stay classy CIA.

  13. Yeah…………………………………………………………………..why should Chile be able to freely elect their own government. That's sarcasm. Just in case ya thought otherwise.

  14. Someone already mentioned Albright. These people have the same script, freightening. Great to march with John against the Iraq war here in Sydney Australia. Thank you John and you Glen. 'And don't forget that' John and all of us: no I wont.

  15. Oooh, this is just soooo shocking.
    Heh! As if 'might' has not been 'right' for as long as life has existed.

    And in regards to your statement here: "For those who believe in the whole thing about how the US fights for freedom and democracy or whatever…." Now extrapolate that sentiment to history further back than the 1960's, please. Or are we to believe the US, Britain, and France only started to lie about what they do themselves and what their enemies are "guilty of" 60 years ago?

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