John Pilger on Ukraine, US tensions with Russia & China: An Enemy is Essential for US & Its Vassals!

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to legendary journalist and filmmaker John Pilger. He discusses the scandal surrounding Boris Johnson over Downing Street parties during Coronavirus lockdowns, growing US tension with Russia over Ukraine amid the backdrop of NATO enlargement to Russia’s borders, tensions with China and the West’s need for a perpetual enemy, the continuing persecution of Julian Assange and much more

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  2. Everyone is telling us to be nice to our neighbors which we do because that's who we are but these media outlets are bashing the Chinese and Russian people and everyone else who big business has an issue with.fuk just report the news

  3. John Pilger should move to Russia and reap the benefits of Russian society instead of pontificating for Russian roubles….. No credibility. He's scraping the barrel!!!

  4. Whether it’s the US or UK or NATO citizens, or the ethnic that is controlling every aspect of the whole world,, Chinese ethnic Bolshevik CCP, are a large part of Czechs and western Ukrainians, the Global Elites, all the Bigsss, Fedsss, IMF, WHO, CDC, the Borises, Falsey Frankenstein’s engineered virus/ vaccines, – is the question.

  5. yeah, NATO told russia it would not expand militarily in2 eastern europe, what lies & deception. I totally agree with johns assesment of the class war under the banner of austerity that was waged against the socio/economic disadvantaged that killed thousands of their own citizens & the labour party mp harriet harman stood by and said we will not oppose the conservative austerity cuts.

  6. borri jonon has party noboy gets ill 100 people but pilger still hant put 2 and 2 together the only reason there not enforcing mandates is beouse people are refusing to wear them how can a man so intellgent say such stupid things as pilger does here.

  7. This war, if it happens at all, will be one of a mistake due to paranoia on both sides mostly due to media hype. Thanks MSM. This guy is spot on. Respect your elders knowledge kids.

  8. Dear John Pilger, to me, you are one of the very few true heroes of our time and I salute you for your bravery and fight for the truth, nevertheless, I was devastated by your opinion to enforce a vacinnation which has been proven not to prevent infection of Covid.
    What is the difference between the US using its powers to persecute Assange (whom I equally love and support) and enforcing the use of unproven vaccines on unwilling individuals whose right to accept or refuse this vaccine has been ignored? I am deeply disappointed that you have shown little or no consideration for other views on this matter except for those that appeal to you and those on the side of your argument.

  9. For those that want America destroyed. All those funds otherwise would be invested in USA to make an honest dollar earned the old fashioned way whole giving us our tax base and high wage jobs for betterment of our societal needs.

  10. Dangerous sabre rattling is obviously designed to distract from the appalling corruption and crimes against humanity the covid debacle has revealed. It is the next stage in the march of tyranny enabled by the post Sept 11 war against "terroriism" raft of laws designed to dismantle the previous 100+ year struggle towards a more egalitarian society. Stay vigilant the war has always been a class war

  11. John pilfer is clueless and ignorant, I would dearly love to destroy this stupid man in a debate , whom I once thought was a informative clever man now talks like a fool who has bought in to the mains stream narrative but what is really sad he does not even know it.

  12. Pilger's logic doesn't make sense. Didn't Russia annexed part of Ukraine and still is responsible for the prolong civil war in Ukraine's Donbas region with death and destruction still going on to this day? When you say the "Aggressor" NATO have troops and bordering Russia, did you failed your history lesson there to think that the now NATO states who used to be ex-soviet states are on the border of Russia? You can't make your neighbor love you Russia when you outright try to change other countries borders by annexation just because the people who live there happened to speak Russian. If this logic is sound then Mexico should be taken over the southwest states of the US because more people who live there speak spanish. Or hey how about let's have France and Germany dice up Austria and Switzerland based on the regions there whose population speak French or German. Make sense? You can have your propaganda but the world will not let you forget your annexation of Crimea, which will never be part of Russia and that long lasting sanction over Crimea will not let Russia forget either. Yep, this is what Russia Today is, an autocrat country who is so insecure about itself and have to go and steal another country's land to make it feel better.

  13. The worst death numbers equal 17,000 approx after all the unrelated deaths. RT just spreading more propaganda. How sad you didn’t do your due diligence and research properly.

  14. Covid fear factor failing after real data is being revealed so we need another FEAR CRISIS are there is always the old chestnut Putin and Russia. What they are not telling you is the UN has been shipping military equipment in for the last 12 months , while conducting military exercises along the Russian boarder, Putin has countered by placing some of his military along the Russian boarder also conducting military exercises. With the UK and America shipping in military equipment as fast as they can, the question is who is the Aggressor? Putin is in his own country? ? ? Looks like the UK and America lunatics are trying to start another proxy war. Joe Biden the acting president front man for Obama couldn't see of the goat herders in Afghanistan now he wants to take on Russia, the man is a complete idiot,

  15. How can one take anything this man says any more, he has destroyed his own credibility, he bought in to the covid deception, his friend caught covid after 3 injections, and does not think it could be the shots are the driver of infection.
    There is no fool like and old fool.
    He should have stuck to being a war correspondent, but he has done me a favour as I can see what an opinionated man drunk on his his own perception

  16. America in the Trump presidency legitimized Israels apartheid under the claim of ancestral land. China is using this argument and Russia is using this argument. Coincidence? If the world would stood up against illegal land grab by Israel, we would not be having this problem today. Doing nothing has consequences.

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