John Pilger’s Tips For Seeing Through Propaganda

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Journalist John Pilger explains how to see through propaganda, especially the most dangerous of all, which is the propaganda that claims to be “objective reporting.”

John Pilger has written dozens of books, including Heroes, Hidden Agendas, and Freedom Next Time. He’s made over 60 documentaries, including Vietnam: The Quiet Mutiny, Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia, The Secret Country: The First Australians Fight Back, The War You Don’t See, The Coming War on China. He has appeared as a contributor on BBC Television Australia, BBC Radio, BBC World Service, London Broadcasting, ABC Television, ABC Radio Australia, among others, and his writing has appeared at The Guardian, The Independent, New Statesman, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Nation: New York, The Age: Melbourne, The Sydney Morning Herald and more. Learn more about him at

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  1. As far as I am concerned John Pilger is one of the worlds greatest truth tellers he examines both sides of every conflict he ever covers, and to me he can’t be bought

  2. Ukraine was first mentioned in the 12th century, several hundred years before the Soviet Union existed. Pilger doesn't mention this.
    Instead, Ukraine according to Pilger, was part of the Soviet Union, but the heir to the Soviet Union today is Russia which Pilger doesn't mention. He then explains Ukraine is split into two, one part being Russian. Now he mentions Russia, but indirectly.
    Pilger, in a few words has placed the actors in the position he wants the listener to understand them.
    We know from elsewhere what he wants the listener to consider. The viewpoint of Russia.
    According to Pilger we know that Ukraine provoked Russia into attacking it. We feel, through Pilger that Ukraine is Russia.
    The inference being an independent Ukraine is an illusion created as an American proxy.
    The aggressor becomes the victim and the victim becomes the aggressor.
    This is how the expert on propoganda uses propoganda to justify an illegal attack on a sovereign country by a continuously aggressive neighbour which has been grossly interfering in Ukrainian internal affairs since its independence.
    John Pilger lies by inference, ignoring key facts, shifting blame, introducing fictional hordes of Ukranian nazis which according to his mate Simonyan, are all Ukrainians once it was understood that Ukrainians were going to resist Russian occupation.
    John Pilger is a stooge acting for a kleptocratic, autocratic, dictatorial, fascistic, imperialistic state. What a gem of a man.

  3. This is the stupidest nonsense I've seen in sometime. This is MSM and YouTube's version of a journalist. A politician of journalism.
    This man has had nothing of merit to say and has only brought up subjects of importance without any facts on said subjects to try and Slip in his Cowardly opinion that he gives in between long sentences that say nothing because he cannot back his claims up about Israel, Ukraine, or journalism. Rather than speaking facts using research from reliable sources put up for us all to verify. Instead he just throws out mention of Ukraine and Israel to sound smart and give his worthless claims merit by convincing stupid people that he wasn't speaking in ignorance.
    Quite professionally done by today's standards.

  4. There is a curious disease of the human mind that, when possessed with hatred toward something or someone, will see anyone who is against that one as somehow in the right. Ukraine was invaded by Russia. You can say whatever you want to say, blame whatever propaganda you want to blame, and make whatever Kremlin endorsed excuse you want to make. When Hitler invaded Poland, he did it under the pretext of those Poles who came into the German territory and attacked the radio station and murdered all those people – but in actual fact, they were German criminals released from prison in exchange of doing this project for the Nazi state and having put on somehow acquired Polish military uniforms. We can talk all about geopolitics and the threats to Putin, the reality is that he is the one who invaded Ukraine, and people like him have to be opposed and never appeased.

  5. Perhaps this 'conflict' is nothing more than a series of small, almost insignificant skirmishes.
    This whole 'event' is merely being used as a distraction?
    The president of Ukraine is a TV comedian ( who was on a TV show for two seasons,
    where a normal bloke off the street become the Ukrainian president ) and his own political party,
    was organised and is run by his TV production company. Google 'Pandora papers and Zelensky'.
    The current Ukrainian rightwing regime is actually a 'business venture' paid for by Ukrainian oligarchs.

    Everything in this conflict is either an illusion or nonstop, blanket propaganda.
    The proverbial 'fog of war' has descended and blurs reality completely.
    The only information fed to the population of the West is nonstop pro-war propaganda.
    Perhaps… like those other little disasters that have beset the West recently.,
    this is just another incident to keep everyone complicit and quiet… to vast cultural changes,
    and a decline in their standard of living.

    During the Covid pandemic, the top ten wealthiest entrepreneurs in the West doubled their money.
    If they had fifty billion before the pandemic, they had one hundred billion after it. ( Google it )
    Possibly every 'disaster' is being used as a distraction, a sleight of hand… so the real money can be made.
    Made right in front of your own blinkered eyes. By scaring you ( viruses ) or fuelling hatred? ( warmongers )
    Both make you docile, malleable and controllable.

  6. I turned off my idiot box 3 years ago, I feel so liberated, I do research and choose what I
    want, trust no one, believe no one, just what feels right. This is a world full of evil, lies
    and liars, I wish that people would wake up, even today, I have had to get rid of all the
    toxic people in my life, specially when we cannot even converse because of being
    dumb down and brain washed. How can people believe our enemies, the governments

  7. So is Katie under the impression that Ukraine is engaging in propaganda during an illegal invasion? I wonder what would make them do that? Does this change the fact that Russia rolled tanks across their border illegally?

  8. Look at their ENTIRE HISTORY……….peoples history
    It’s tell you everything……..history is everything…….they judge you in the financial world by your history…… history…….so……..look at the Opium Wars………look at the Papal Bulls……..look at their aristocracies………their degenerate morality and lack of civilizing qualities…….military societies think that creating buildings and structures is civilization……they are still the Neanderthal that came out of caves when advanced civilizations had already existed……..look at their entire history……there lies the answer to WHO and WHY and so we can start……The British created Israel…….the a British created the Saudi empire…….the Holy Roman Empire and the Vatican bulls created corporations to establish slavery through the world……just read their history

  9. Whether it be journalism, audio or video clips, the reporter's job is to tell the reader or viewer an honest story and to include, “Who, What, When, Where and Why”. To omit one or more elements constitutes opinion where the reporter can shape a story to fit a bias. Modern, corporate or government media, leaves the “Who, What, When, Where and Why” to the reader to ask or research for missing elements. This is how a story from the West and the East can be true, but are like night and day…

  10. its not hard after you learn a thing or 2. the real question is what is the purpose behind it. women especially fearmonger the mothering trait so you got to make sure they dont freak out to bad

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