John Ratcliffe: DOJ didn’t find what it was looking for at Mar-a-Lago

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe joined ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ to discuss the likelihood a Florida judge approves the Trump legal team’s request for a special master. #foxnews #primetime #jessewattersprimetime

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  1. Wow, that person? is a really deep schemer…look at that face, quickly, and then go wash your eyes out with soap and water..
    Gives one the shudders.
    Synonyms for SCHEMER: co-conspirator, conspirator, intriguer, plotter, apostate, backstabber, betrayer, double-crosser, double-dealer, Judas

  2. The doj found exactly what they were looking for, an excuse to be able to smear president Trump in the press and tamper with the election. The rate by the FBI had nothing to do with law enforcement or classified documents it had everything to do with trying to help the Democrats in the upcoming election

  3. when are the democrats going to stop trying to flnd something that can harm trump they are doing everythlng and anythlng that could stop him from being able to run for president again….because they know he would beat biden and take the white house back…….

  4. A total abuse of power. This is another witch hunt. This is to try and stop President Trump from running. The alphabet people staged the scene with those documents. No one will ever trust these people again. The white house was in on it Biden new because he okayed it and acting like he knew nothing about it. What a waste of a human.

    Executive order 12356 signed by Ronald Reagan (1982) and in Code of federal regulations "CFR" basically states the President has the ultimate classification and declassification authority and may declassify anything at any TIME. Trump was president at the time……… PERIOD!!!!

  5. 43 empty folders of Classified document banners found in Trump's office. Time for another "RAID". Look in PInk Gold Coffin that took ten men to carry one pound of ashes. Trump is a danger to democracy. Those that forget German history are bound to repeat. The America First Nazi's are trying to overthrow our government.

  6. Bottom Line : DEMS are scared as hell if he WINS if he Runs for President and he has a Memory Like an Elephant – as what was said years ago back in the 40's – They are in the Process of awakening a Sleeping Giant

  7. It's amazing to think of how unlawful and down right treasonous this all would be if the Trump admid. did this.There would be riots everywhere man oh man!!!! Unbelievable hypocrisy here folks

  8. Those “classified “ documents aren’t classified anymore as more than a dozen uncleared people have handled & read them. Lots of alcohol soaked dinner parties are buzzing with gossiping piranhas looking to bring down POTUS Trump with falsehoods & innuendo.
    That, is Washington D.C.

  9. Up there is just like it is in the courts everywhere hold up your hands swear to tell the truth and lie like a dog but on the other hand if you are truthful and you try to tell the truth they won't let you because they're not going to listen to it if it doesn't fit their truth they'll drag you out there and handcuffs

  10. Did you hear what he said about prosecutors playing games that's exactly what they do in court all over America it's never about truth you try to tell the truth if it doesn't fit their truth they're not going to listen to it they'll drag you out in handcuffs

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