Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Abuse Claims: Amber Admits to Multiple Violent Attacks!

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Hey everyone! Welcome back! Or if you’re here for the first time, I welcome you just the same!

This is a pretty straight forward video, not so much the analytical breakdowns I usually do. Although there is a little bit of that in this one as well.

This video is exactly what the title states. Amber Heard, during her 2016 deposition, admitted to multiple violent assaults against Johnny Depp. Admissions she was probably hoping would never see the light of day. I use official court sworn transcriptions of her own words, so there leaves no doubt.

This video will be referenced in my future videos, so if you plan to watch any of those, please give this one a watch as well. Future videos will be breaking down individual moments of alleged abuse (some of which link directly to her admissions here) and will include evidence, witness testimony, and anything else that helps us get closer to the truth.

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  1. So many times during this deposition she has the same look as Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct when she’s being interrogated by police. And it’s worth noting that Sharon Stone was portraying a psychopath!

  2. both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are stupid for staying in this relationship… the relationship should have been over after the first time Johnny was hit. case closed.


  4. As you've clearly investigated JD and even though am not a massive fan of him but i 100% believe that he isnt an abuser. However is it true that he defended 3 child murderers? Or is it the media twisting things?

  5. Ughh she’s nasty. She remembers me of a similar situation my dad went through a few years ago. He dated a younger woman for 2 years, he in the beginning was very straight forward and told her he didn’t want any kids or to get married. 2 years later she was obsessed about getting pregnant with my dad, I guess she thought that would be a way of to secure the relationship. So she started following him everywhere and listening to his calls, she wouldn’t even let him talk to me. One day she became violent and though herself at my dad punching him, he had to run away and scape from his own house, leaving her there. He had to stay with me and my mom, the very next day I went to the house to get her out and close the door since he ran out and didn’t had time to close it. When I arrived to the house there were a bunch of police officers outside talking to her. She was wearing a cervical collar and had scratches on her arms. She claimed my dad attacked her violently with a knife. Insane allegations, my dad has never been a violent person. Anyway, I asked her to take her things and leave, she used to live 3 houses from my dads so she did. On her way our she took a knife from the kitchen with a paper towel and said that was the knife he used to attack her and that’s she was talking it as evidence. She also made a huge mess in the house and broke several things, she claimed since my dad left the house and didn’t close it someone got in in the middle of the night. At some point one of the cops said to me that if someone would’ve broke in it would’ve have stollen objects and nothing was missing so it was clearly it was her the one who racked the place. A few days letter my dad got served with a letter of her lawyer including a lawsuit claiming that my dad kept her hostage, that he was violent and even raped her at some points and I think she even said he was a pedophile. Insane allegations so my dad lawyered up. A few months later she stopped the lawsuit, I guess she realized she didn’t had any evidence to support her claims. Weeks later my dad ran into her at a mall and she begged him to forgive her and to get back to her lol. There are crazy violent women out there.lll and Amber is one of them, I can’t believe how theres still some people that refuse to see the truth just because “she’s a woman”, even after all this evidence. It’s ridiculous!! Wake up people, it doesn’t take much to see Heard is a big fat lier. Keep up the great work!!!! #justiceforJohnny ✊.

  6. She doesn’t know what has hit him? Like a can of mineral spirits jumped off the shelf and hit him under its own volition? No, no it just happened without me throwing it. HA!

  7. Poor Tramber Turd, COVID-19 has been her undoing. This is the best thing happening during quarantine. I've heard snippets about their relationship in the past 5 years but ignored it as Hollywood fodder. This is important….MEN ARE VICTIMS OF DV, TOO. So glad the Sun/NGN trial happened this summer. Disney had better take note. Depp's fans are rallying around him, as the truth (not Tramber's truth) is coming out.

  8. How is it these are the types of women who can get any man they want and these men go crazy over them and love them will do anything for them. Yet me I've been single for two years and I'm always cheated on and treated like shit…..

  9. Literally agreed and came to the conclusion of everything you said regarding the "whenever he was hit" and "I don't know what hit him". Instead of denying throwing things she just doesn't know WHAT did which DEFINITELY implies that she has thrown so many objects that she can't say what has successfully hit him and what missed. It's SO OBVIOUS she is lying!!!!!!!!! Holy crap. If you can understand English then you can understand that she's a liar.

  10. You know, all you have to do is listen to her– the things that she says, ways that she says them– and you can tell in an instant that she is a classic physical, mental, and emotional abuser who blames her victims for what she is "forced" to do to them. That she, in ways, believes that there is nothing wrong with what she says and does because she is "made to do it". That tells me everything that I need to know. Those kinds of things still live in my dreams and steal my sleep– and although my mother made sure that her children were never touched, psychological and emotional damage is forever. All you have to do is be there and see it all for it to damage you for life.

    At the same time, she has a narrowed objective of exactly what she wants to do to him– to ruin and break him… a man. She feels powerful. It is calculated, cold, and narcissistic– and probably sociopathic. It's a power play. Because I grew up around severe violent domestic abuse during my childhood and early years, I know all of the things that they say, and I know all of the tactics to manipulate and deceive, to make other people doubt themselves. I also know that they always escalate. What I find even more ironic is that some people "circling the wagons" around her, are those who have suffered and experienced DV themselves in their lives… and they don't seem to be seeing those same exact patterns also– hearing, and recognizing exactly the signals that I am getting from her? I just don'.t understand that.

    Yes, she knows exactly what she is doing, but at the same time she just cannot grasp that anything is her fault. She does not believe that she is in the wrong. Because he is "bigger", "stronger", etc., there is just no way that he could be her victim– some people really believe that. If you don't fight back– fire with fire– then that is only because you are a "coward" or "weak", not because you don't want to harm them back, or you just don't have it in you to do it back. SMH. I don't see how abused women (men?) who have helped her along the way have not recognized the same things. I'm so confused. Is it really because she is a woman? Whatever she gets away with will be a "win" for their causes? I can't find anything that makes sense in the "DV Advocates" who have stood behind and beside her. I mean, she has every marker, every signal, every trait, and every thought process that identifies her easily.

    Sorry to ramble on. #JusticeForJohnny #MenHurtToo My best to everyone. Be safe and be well. ~Peace!

  11. She (and her friends) just tell lie after lie to try and cover all of the lies they have already told. There is no way they can keep stories straight at this time, especially with the testimony they have already submitted under oath and the evidence given to the court. I’m wondering what is going to happen to all of her “friends” who by now must be realizing that they are going to be dragged into the upcoming US court.

  12. She is an abuser. The cycle of abuse she learned from her father. This is so rare because she’s a woman. In no way do you ever hear her take any responsibility for her abuse. She blames the person she is attacking. So common.

  13. What kind of education, does she have? And I wonder what kind of grades she Got? Any one check out her. Education level she has. How about people that she went to high school with. Other students from her past. Funny you don't have any person from cousin's and class mates don't speak up.

  14. @incrediblyaverage for sure, I agree with you. Using the terms "whenever" he was hit or "I'm not sure" what hit him, is the same statement that's not being said… "I hit him numerous times, I can't remember every time" ? makes sense to me ?‍♀️
    If not wouldn't the answer just be "No. Never"… I don't hit my man, if him or I were asked if we ever put hands on each other the answer would be straight forward "No. Never" ?‍♀️