Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Abuse Claims: Amber “just lost it” so Johnny LOST A FINGER! NEW EVIDENCE!!

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Warning: Video Uncensored! Strong language & possible disturbing visuals.

Hey everyone. This video primarily focuses on the events and incident that occurred during March 2015 in Australia. Amber claims she was abused while Johnny was on a 3-day drug and alcohol fueled bender. Johnny denies this and claims Amber assaulted him and severed the end of his finger.

I hope this video begins to help clear things up with some new evidence and testimony…along with visuals.

Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think of the new visual direction I’m going with. I hope everyone stays safe in these uncertain days.

Amber confesses to abusing Johnny:

Daily Mail article about Elon in elevator with Amber:

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  1. (Hee-throw) Airport
    I gotta start looking up how to pronounce these places I've never heard of before.

    While I have you here. Let me know if you're liking the new 3D graphics as a change up from the 2D drawings. Also keep staying safe. Protect yourselves and others. Smile often. Cherish life and those you love. Take care!

  2. Abusers like to leave scars on their victims so that every time that the victim looks at the scar they think of their abuser?

  3. Her deposition and his deposition are SO different. He is calm, respectful, straight-forward, clearly answers questions, and makes eye contact with the questioner. She is agitated, hostile, her eyes are darting everywhere, she sidesteps questions, and she’s doing the most ridiculous, disrespectful stalling techniques ever. Who EATS during their deposition?? That’s crazy! It’s just a huge red flag showing what a self absorbed person she is, how none of the rules apply to her.

  4. Wow! This is amazing! I don't watch the news, or much online crap either, but I remember hearing he was a drunken wife beater. I was so sad to hear about that. I love Johnny!❤❤❤ I'm sorry to say, I believed the story though. I am so glad I found this series of videos! The lies this girl told! The extent she went to to ruin him! Shocking! She makes me embarrassed to be the same gender. Girls like that RUIN THE FEW GOOD MEN THERE ARE LEFT!
    May God Bless you and your Guardian Angel!

  5. How does one cut off a finger tip punching thru a wall… unless that wall was made of glass. Which it wasn't. The more I listen to this crap, the more calm and solid he is in his response compared to her accounts and mistruths… the angrier it makes me. There are some dishonest, evil, deceitful people out there. Unfortunately he married one. I hope everything works out for him and his respective family

  6. No wonder why his mother and sister hated Amber Heard so much! He lost Pirates of the Caribbean due to her lies and she is a shitty wooden actress who keeps on trying to exploit rich men! Elon Musk really dodged a bullet this last year! I can't believe she wanted to have a baby with Elon after being complaint that he was so controlling! She definitely wanted to force him to have a baby with her so she could exploit one of the richest man on the planet for 18 years! I just think that we should boycott anything and everything she's in! I don't know how she gets away with being the abuser!

  7. I don't know for sure but just a thought…….are there people out there trying to sabotage Johnny's career and his life……..he got divorced from heard quite sometime ago and now this newspaper claiming stuff…….y these people are behind Johnny so desperately.

  8. I'm glad all of this came out. It shuts down that obnoxious me too agenda and shows how volatile women can be as well. That whole movement pushed by celebrity women did nothing for real women who've suffered abuse. Where's Okra and Reeces Pieces now?! (Oprah & Reece Witherspoon) it's 2020, YOUR time is up.

  9. Your videos are phenomenal. I look forward to the update in this case! I would also note that when Amber testified that during the bathroom fight incident where she was trying to push the door open to escape into a different room to get away from him and that she accidentally hit him with the door, wouldn't she be actually trying to push the door close to escape to get away from him? She inadvertently admitted that she was trying to push the door open to get the Johnny. He was the one trying to push the door closed.

  10. The patterns are of a classic narcissist. Flouting the truth, confusing details, playing the victim, manipulating by recording audio and presenting herself as caring and still very much in love and of course, her flying monkeys that she firmly surrounds hersellf with for support. PERIOD

  11. I have been cut by glass on my leg about 6 years ago and i still have the scars, so the fact all the scars around her body just magically disappeared is just …. wow.
    How convenient for you Amber 🙂

  12. So, two of the cohorts should be contempted. The Courts have become too accustomed to witness dishonesty. It’s far past time that they set examples of dishonest witnesses.

  13. Just found out that Johnny has watched your videos and approves.
    So he has to be aware of all the support/ love that is out here for him. Thank you, for all your hard work and allowing others to use your content to get it out there more. It may have took awhile but it work.

  14. I'm still thinking about one thing: if IO was sending the fake message from LA at 5.march about cutting a middle finger in Johnys name, how could he know this will happen at 8th of march? Few days before? It looks like it was planned(cuting Johnys middle finger). Please explain me this ?

  15. Amber’s done. Those covid numbers are all bullshit. She’s in trouble. It’s media driven. Period. She’s a pig, eating like this is a waste of her time. No eye contact, no compassion and serious lies. The SUN will loose! They’re cancelled. He didn’t run away, he wasn’t into beating up people for something to do.