Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Abuse Claims: Australia’s Bloody Aftermath! NEW UNCENSORED AUDIO!!

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Hey everyone! Welcome back. This video has all new audio that was secretly recorded by Amber Heard immediately following an incident in Australia on March 8, 2015, in which evidence has been shown to the courts to prove she severed the end of Johnny Depp’s finger. However, she has not only now claims he physically assaulted her but also has recently added sexual assault to her claims.

Some of this audio was recently reported by the Daily Mail but with what I feel was an inaccurate transcript by Amber Heard, which she submitted in 2016, along with the audio.

Please do not take the audio combined with my edits and pass them off as your own. That would be greatly appreciated.

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Video Breakdown of Australia Incident (Witnesses & Evidence!)

Amber Heard Admits to Abuse!

Daily Mail Article:


  1. If he had attacked and injured her, as she is claiming, would she really be crying and saying, I love him, I can’t lose him? Honestly? If someone did those things to me, like she claimed, those would be the last things coming from my lips. She tells on herself constantly. It’s so transparent.

  2. The way they talk about her in this video makes me think that's she's either bipolar or has split personality disorder or something. She needs some serious help. Poor Johnny

  3. It's so surreal that she never actually loved him the way he loved her! She only came to his life to take whatever is worth taking & destroy whatever is left! Makes me very mad & furious about unreciprocated love!!

  4. she litreally chopped his finger off and then is trying to be innocent? she LIED abo haven’t scratched and cuts all over her body when if there was everyone would he giving her medical attention

  5. 2nd time I've listened to this. Each time reveals more to me. She is very cold and calculating towards the end. Jerry was spot on, she knew exactly what she was doing. Amazing that she could move around at all after all the cuts and bruises she claimed to have.

  6. Well the good news is she is so toxic she is going to toss her career out the window in all of her lies and toxic abuse… Even after isn't safe from herself ?‍♀️

  7. She is supposed to be in jail or madhouse or in both already.
    After all these audio evidences no matter how good a lawyer is, she should have been arrested. Oh Lord, and she is admitting taking soooo much drug and asking if she did that mess (and at court on OATH she is lying she remembers everything she says). Crazy.

  8. I can't believe all she recorded thinking it would help her, and there's more! I can't wait to hear the rest. It's clear she was the abuser. But I gotta say what a nightmare, I'd (almost) rather be poor than live through shit like that. I feel bad for Johnny.

  9. The sun newspaper won’t budge , look at the Hillsborough case again the sun newspaper sided the corrupt police investigation by printing blatant heartbreaking lies , devastating families that had lost their loved ones . many painful years later , the truth was proven and the fight for justice is still ongoing . The sun newspaper is just cruel and has no morality and most people I know consider it’s headline news as trash ….but trash means cash !

  10. I cant believe what she has put johnny through and what she has done to that sweet man she mentally abused him to the point he couldnt take anymore thank god Jerry was here my heart breaks for johnny what he had to put up with so glad he not n that relationship anymore and he finds peace with all with you johnny sweetie❤❤❤

  11. She sounds like a narcissist, who’s anger spills out when she doesn’t get her own way. She is also very manipulative & a liar. But he isn’t totally innocent either. His drinking & drug taking was happening before Amber. Both their behaviour is deplorable. All that damage, blood everywhere, bottles etc being thrown & then left for others to clear up doesn’t reflect good on either of them. Perhaps that’s what happens when you achieve fame & fortune at a young age, you pay people to clear up your messes & accountability goes out the window along with the tequila & vodka bottles. Just a shame he didn’t toss Amber out alongside them ??

  12. Damn he left his wife and mother of his children for this psycho… lol so beautiful on the outside …but the inside …purely demonic ….too bad you fell for the siren’a call.

  13. I found 2 coke bags of e-empty bags…sounds like she hurried up and did them just before she came out to tell them. It sux they seem they both like partying except amber can’t hold it together but we know why she had an artier motive and she sounds like she always looked at Johnny as a money $ and it never was love to her where he probably did till her true colors showed