Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: Abuser Amber tells Johnny nobody will believe him! NEW UNCENSORED AUDIO!

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Hey everyone! This audio was first reported on by The Daily Mail. They obtained a 31 minute recorded phone call between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. This was during their divorce in 2016.

This new audio comes fresh off of last weeks discovery of a separate audio conversation in which Amber admits to abusing Johnny Depp on multiple occasions (uncensored link below). This is not the entirety of the new audio. I chose to pick some key points to speak about and give important information about them.

However, this is a completely uncensored version. Warning for foul language. I will consider uploading the entire audio (uncensored) at some point. But if you want to listen to the whole thing uninterrupted, I’ll post the link to the Daily Mail article below.

Daily Mail Article:

Amber’s first audio confession (uncensored)

These next 2 videos cover IO Tillett Wright’s Lies mentioned in this video.
I’m probably most proud of these 2 because I really got to flex my investigation skills in them.

The Lies Not Talked About:

A Little More Truth:



  1. She got with him solely just to abuse him, destroy his reputation and for his money, not because she “loved him” because she never did.
    She let him fall in love with her for years knowing full well it would just make her ability to abuse him a lot easier.

    He’s one of the most kindest, sweetest people to ever walk the earth and it’s not fair what she’s done, I really hope him and his kids are doing okay and he gets the justice he deserves.
    #JusticeForJohnnyDepp ?‍☠️?‍☠️

  2. I've known PLENTY of women like Amber H. I've had female friends tell me they made up rape claims just to get revenge on a guy who broke up with them. I don't believe a single "victim". They all use the "poor little female victim" thing to their advantage.

  3. Amber was doing a horrible acting job in that recorded deposition. She looked like she was going through something weird.
    It’s so sad because he said he loved her but she’s crazy.

  4. That women broke his heart and still he trys to tell it wont look good and she not listen to him at the end of the tape he knows there's no orther way and the way he stands up for himself good for you johnny

  5. right, once again, things got heated and Johnny went out for air to get away from AH even though it was on the phone…I love how she says ' no need to be cruel on top of it' …#$%^&*(*&^%$#@ crazy ass nut that she is…how was he being cruel?.

  6. I think amber brought out the worst in Johnny, I dont think hes a woman beater or abusive but I think amber initiated the abuse and Johnny went along with it after so long of her doing it to him…

  7. She is certifiable… Geez!!! She's an "actress" – she should have studied this role better. She's one of the most horrible, awful, worst liars I have ever heard. I watch a lot of true crime, and expert videos about the psychology of criminals, and recordings of actual trials. Plus, my psychiatrist is also a certified forensic psychiatrist, and he and I talk about cases sometimes. She is at the very least sociopathic… Out. Of. Her. Mind. And as an actual survivor of domestic and sexual violence, I take particular exception with her claiming to be one, when she is clearly the abuser. She has projection and gaslighting down to a fine science.

  8. In the beginning of this video I was sad hearing him say that "whether your love was real or not, I love you". By the end, I was rooting him on for pointing out all of her bullshit.

  9. So at one stage she says it’s a fair fight and then at another stage she says that he’s bigger and stronger??? What does height, weight, or gender have to do with whether you’re abusive or not