Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: The Truth and Timeline of The Case

Hello everyone, today’s video is extremely different from the content that i’m used to post on my channel, but I felt it was time to do something regarding this story.

This video was mainly to show the depositions and evidence side by side, to expose the truth while also keeping a proper timeline of what happened since 2016. KEEP IN MIND IT DOESN’T INCLUDE ALL THE EVIDENCE JOHNNY DEPP HAS. There’s just too much for one video.

Please, I highly suggest you check out Brian’s channel (IncrediblyAverage) and take some time to watch all of his videos, some being used in my video. You’ll know everything. ??

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Thank you for watching, any support will be deeply appreciated. Not only for me, but for Justice.

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  1. "my boy has to go to school… my boy goes to school and has kids go 'so your F dad's a wife beater?' you don't think about that Amber." The way he said it breaks my heart. He is thinking about his children, how it will affect them and that really broke my heart.

  2. She's a complete psychopath. Trying to ruin Johnny's career and reputation in bad enough but the worst thing is she's completely MOCKED all those people who are living with/have been a victim of domestic abuse. It's sick. The smirks she gives from 17.39 onwards show that she's a psychopath.

    WHY THE FUCK IS SHE EATING ON THE STAND?!!!!! That's shows how seriously she's taking the whole thing. Disrespectful.

  3. If asked to recall a truly traumatic event a person does one of two things.
    A.) They are barely able to say anything bc it’s too painful and they have worked so hard to suppress the memory.
    B.) Every detail comes flooding out verbally. The person is anxious and wants to “get it out” as quickly as possible.
    You can see JD has a really hard time disclosing the details bc it’s so emotionally painful.
    When he is able to get the words out he fills in all details.
    The man has PTSD in my opinion for whatever it’s worth.
    I sincerely hope he has every bit of support and professional help available.
    Very sad.

  4. During her private deposition, hearing, she keeps looking at the paper to see what she said back in 2015, her lawyer even pointed out the place where she said to Tilket, "Call 911". If you're abused, time slows down , every fing second and detail is brandished in your mind. Even when you try to forget you can't. She's so full of it. I can't stand her bs. Hell, I was 5 when I witnessed my father beat the living crap out of my mom, I can still remember every flippin detail as it happened. Before and after, no. During, every f'ing detail. 5 years old

  5. Amber is such a vile demonic little succubus, I feel so bad for Johnny, whom I’ve admired since I can remember),not just for his acting skills, but also for his wit,humor, being an AWESOME dad to Lily and he’s just a great guy with a big heart, and yea,he likes to party, who doesn’t?!?
    Amber has been accused of domestic abuse before,(Johnny’s ex’s ALL speak well of him!!).

    Argh, just fluck you Amber?
    #JusticeForJohnnyDepp ?

  6. Amber Heard should never be able to get any spousal support, she manipulated this whole situation and knew exactly what her intentions were! She’s not only ripping of Mr Depp but she’s made it worse and harder for anyone who has actually been abused!

  7. I can't believe this, I hope she gets all that is coming for her and justice is served. Why would any sane person even lie about something like this? Why??? Just divorce and leave especially when she was the abusive one ugh!

  8. Amber is that type of psycho that hits, kicks and throws shit at her man, tells them to get the fuck out, but stands by the door begging them to stay. So many men have told me the same story. One day they have enough and push them out of the way to finally leave the situation and get charged with assault. Its sickening and its about time a man with such reach stands up for himself. Enough is enough!

  9. There are women who are abused. There are also obviously some women who use the female privilege in today’s society of “believe all women” to lie and abuse the supposed abuser. I wish we could believe all women, but when there are the few like Amber Heard. ??‍♂️ We have to realize there are more women liars. Hopefully there will be a way to catch the liars better in the future because this stuff disgusts me. She is ruining the movements to help other women and is a disgrace to those women who are actually suffering abuse. Instead she damaged poor Johnny’s life not by only physically hurting him but ruined his life and career forever…why? For money? Because she was angry? Not all beautiful women are angels. Look at Amber Heard. There are innocent men with ruined lives in prison over things just like this. Our justice system just believes the lying women.

  10. That bi&ch is nuckin' futz… she did all this to get attention and try to further her career… without her looks she's nothing. Her acting sucks. She latched on to Johnny (an older man) so she could use him for everything she knew she couldn't afford. Her tiny acting salary didn't even come close to his. Now she expects the world that grew up watching Johnny, all his friends and family to believe he's some vicious wife-beater. If anyone should lose their career over this it's her. But no doubt she'll use her manipulative sociopathic ways to convince some fool with a hard-on for her to keep her employed. Amber Heard is a dangerous woman no matter who she comes in contact with. I hope she drains Elon Musk of every cent of his fortune. He's another nutcase that needs to be filed under "FINISHED". When Amber is testifying in court she looks like she's auditioning for a role and not very convincingly either. She's sucking at acting.

  11. Anyone who has the slightest clue about body language and personality types will know instinctively who was the scheming abuser in this sham marriage. There was an ulterior motive from the very beginning. She is utterly vile. The height of narcissism. She is psychotic. She's planned this for a long time. Thankfully, I think JD or the people close to him, security etc, were forewarned about her "ambitions" and took appropriate precautions. Thank god.