Johnny Depp DEMOLISHED Amber Heard In Court

Sure, a lot of bad stuff came out about Johnny Depp in all of this but also remember a TON of stuff came out about Amber Heard Too! Save 20% : Get a sweet watch!

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. You blubber on and on and I'm and arrr…. and repeat yourself SO MUCH dude!!

    You kind of get stuck on one thing… and repeat it in different words but saying the same thing and then go off on a different tangent losing the first topic of conversation. You don't even go back to it. Then you give your own groaning, mumbling and roars (like a lion?)

    Stick to the FACTS.

    The amount of arrr,s and uums… and then your asking for people to subscribe and like…

    And the 'movie clips' are suddenly put in mid sentence and SO LOUD…

    DUDE… JUST PLEASE DON'T!!!! Leave the movie clips out. Stick to the FACTS. Don't put your own spin into it…(cause they're not cute)

    Then… I'll subscribe. Maybe.

  2. this was a war of who was the better actor lol they both seem toxic anyways they shouldn't be dating especially Depp he's too old for that dating shit if you haven't settled yet than as a high profile actor he should just stick with taking care of his family instead

  3. If she is found out that she lied to the press & the Sun, I wonder if the Sun will sue her? Another 50mil sounds pretty good to me.

  4. Sound like my ex-wife, and it seems Johnny did exactly what I did when she wanted to start angry stuff – I'd just go for a walk for a few hours. Sometimes she'd chase me down the road so she could nail her point, or start pulling my hair to stop me walking off. It was pathetic but I put up with the shit to keep my promise, and just like Amber she cheated, and made horrible accusations in court for money, so I gave it all to her without filling the lawyers pockets because I hate those parasites more than her

  5. I love how she's giving us so much comedy value – only the other day I said to my little labrador puppy 'did you just leave a great big amber heard in the kitchen?' I could swear he knew what i was on about! ???

  6. I can almost guarantee that she will not suffer the same legal penalties that he would have suffered if the allegations against him were true. Because vagina.

  7. Do people still not realize there is an anti male agenda? Yhis is third wave modern feminism non sense.

    The sexes were always equal, we just have different strengths & weaknesses. If feminists cared about equality, Johnny Depps losing a finger tip is the smoking gun.

    Wake the F up. I know so many women like this it is unbelievable. This isnt rare at all.

  8. She is lying to get a hefty settlement offer But she is an evil succubus who cant provide any proof for all these wounds..cuts..bruises..torn out eyes..a split lip bad enough to spray the wall..what a horrid person to use the public opinion court to try to destroy johnnys not saying he was a prince but..seems his overall nature is kind so sometimes when the person your around provokes all the time than he had to engage im sure as always leaving must have become exausting so i think he did get fed up..yelled and broke things when he just had enough. He shouldve gotten a restraining order against her when ahe first got violent but was probably thinking a judge wouldnt grant it and he did try to protect her reputation..remember she brought this case on..not him.

  9. She also self admittingly became more and more violent because she couldnt get johnny to "fight right" and he would leave which triggered her..she was more upset by that than anything..she seems addicted to the fighting drama and emotional rush it gave.

  10. The couched language has gotten to a pretty annoying level, as someone who mostly listens the number of things called "spicy" or "bad behavior" is confusing sometimes

  11. Can I say that picture she took of Johnny passed out on the floor like that is sad why didn't she put him in the bed help your husband not take pictures the bed right there thats a sad picture cause she did nothing to help but take a picture smh sad some wife she is

  12. You can tell by the way she comes across, she does look like a bully at times but Jonny just sound's fed up and honest when speaking she sound's like she's still angry and could snap at any time.

  13. Just curious,
    If you have a sponsor for the video, why do you still self censor and not read the article as written?

    The way people are self censoring on YouTube is pretty disturbing.