Johnny Depp DENIED decision to appeal! How can this be justice?!

Depp DENIED decision to appeal! How can this be justice?!

The decision to appeal didn’t go our way. But do not worry my fellow friends, we still have Virginia Next year!


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  1. Isn't when you disregard the evidence because of an 'old boys club', corrupt? Maybe the two appeal judges didn't receive any money but they ignored clear evidence and because it a court of law, i personally would consider that corruption. Anyway, Johnny tried his best – it's all he can do. Gutted. : (

  2. Let's not forget Dan Wootton. He has a job on new news channel GB News, this channel will be on air shortly in UK. I believe Dan Wootton will be on in the afternoon 5 days a week, hopefully no one will watch when he is on.

  3. This will be a powerful game changer case in the US. I believe its a landmark case and a testament to the endurance of blinding truth in the face of such abuse. Johnny has united and given strength to all DV survivors.

  4. The decision is about semantics, did the judge make a legal error. The point is that she's a liar and JD is offering the proof. But that is not what this appeal is about. The more time that passes, the harder it will be for her to perpetuate the lies. Not enough is said about her drug taking, but a lot is said about his. Just got to keep supporting him. Unfortunately the people who make the decisions have never been involved with the levels of manipulation we see here. For those who have experienced it first hand, they really know what she is.

  5. I knew it would go this way. Heartbreaking! Our only possible hope is Virginia but only time will tell. She just keeps getting away with so much it's disgusting.

  6. OK thank you, I was trying to figure out the US counterpart for The Sun, it’s The National Inquirer. I tend to block stupid shit, like tabloid rags, out of my mind. I couldn’t remember what they called them selves.

  7. Very sad but no real surprise as the UK judicial system is totally corrupt and needs a clean sweep overhaul. I don't know who can take this on but it to needs to be done for the sake of fairness and justice for everyone. I am so sad for Johnny but have high hopes for the VA trial as the US judicial system is an entirely different system with fair judicial standards and integrity. I am really dreading reading Amber Turd's reaction to the verdict. All we can do at this point is put it behind us and move forward standing firmly behind Johnny. This was a battle lost but not the war. We are bloodied but not bowed.

  8. They didn’t want to call out the other judge publicly which unfortunately is what a appeal amounts to unless they have no choice. Like they said they are rarely given.
    It doesn’t change the fact that the majority of people support Johnny and Amber has lost most of her credibility.
    She’s toxic. In the last year even her side has gone silent. They are all afraid of opening themselves to the stupidity of their claims.
    Sometimes you have to just be happy with that.
    Don’t put your money toward anything associated with AH and let it be known you won’t and it will continue the down spiral.

  9. Those kind of news papers should be outlawed, same as the paparazzies they are so brutal, no respect for basic privacy to the extreme/ As for Johnny I hope he gets Justice in the U.S, any way he already got it in the public eyes and Amber is already getting her dues as most people see through her deceit,
    A Gold digger to the core, better ignore her she will simply dissipate into oblivion.

  10. There are petitions going to parliament in regards to troll online & government are all for it (apparently) but yet they haven’t cracked down newspapers and what they print, who also are using their platform to attack people, it seems money runs this country..

  11. So "CORRUPTION" is a live & well ?and even when your 95% innocent, Judge's can't see it!! This is really upsetting ? as I'm thinking ?about all the people in the past that this has happened too. It hurts to know that A TURD H, is laughing & celebrating ?. I can only prey Australia BANDS her from every visiting them again & Johnny Depp, Next Year Court Battle Wins ?by a MILE STONE! # JUSTICE for Johnny (Depp) PS:- couldn't help wondering if Elon Musk paid off the Judge's, just an idea as he's so RICH and Money is the Route off all evil..Chin Up Johnny Depp, you are adored all over the world, SHE is not!

  12. I say take away whatever it is that UK judges need to have to be judges and force them to retake the training and schooling to be come judges while people review their whole careers as judges. This is the only way, outside of a full purge of the old, that I can see things improving in the UK court system.

  13. Guys I have thought about this and yes it's been a sad day but then again look at it in a positive way. The bigger picture. Yes they lost the appeal but against the (Sun) come on its nothing. The UK system stinks we know this I mean look at the judges rolling that if anyone intruding your home and they have more rights than you!! Says it all. But look at this. Now the real truth is out about the non charity payments and now the World knows it. This was a great tactic to get it out before the big one.

  14. Why am I not surprised? Judges have each other's backs. These people go on a retreat once a year. They don't like to step on each other's toes.

  15. This is just further pissing off fans…regardless, this girl is going to have a hard time in the future after this is all over.

  16. You mentioned the Virginia case but you realize the judge kicked that can down the road 13 months already. Saying we have more important shit to worry about. He doesn’t want that case ever in his court room. I’m not sure it ever gets there. April 2022 is a long way away.

  17. Before anyone comes for me the explanation in plain English is that the case was JD against The Sun and Dan Wootton just those people nothing to do with AH . The accusations were that JD committed DV against AH (English Law is a fickle mistress) the fact that JD admitted that he pushed AH is basically an admission. The fact that AH committed several severe acts of DV against JD does not come in to this civil action as the case is between the fore mentioned parties. Unfortunately the fact that the evidence provided by AH to the The Sun was fabricated is neither here nor there,as far as the courts were concerned JD admitted an act that they considered violent which basically explains their decision.(Unfortunately)