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Written by ThatUmbrellaGuy

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  1. Jonny" Depth" ,a beautiful, interesting serious loving human , Love you Johnny Depp❤
    Amber" Shallow "Heard , someone who cares about money and herself before anything Amber you never deserved a good heart like Jonny Depp.

  2. ???The beginning of the WS… Amber says “ at the time of his arrival my friend EM was present, ALONG WITH my friend Raquel R Pennington” Then goes on to say..” I texted Raquel and ASKED HER TO COME OVER”??
    was she there at the time of His ARRIVAL or Not? It never says anyone left and went to the apartment they lived in so?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

  3. Is it me or was this clearly a set-up. I am happy that Johnny curved her and realized her game. This could have been an added accusation of sexual assault or rape.

  4. Another thing that's disgusting about this is how far it sets people back who have actually been assaulted. So many ppl stay silent and suffer while this woman lies and weaponizes her false claims, if that is what happened. It looks like it.

  5. Page 2 point 9 she says that she was with Elizabeth, Raquel and Joshua when Johnny came home. Then in part 11 she texts her friend Raquel to come over from the penthouse next door.

  6. I once suffered abuse at the hands of a gf. I was 18 when I met her. She about 18 months younger than I.
    I really can’t be arsed to go into it. Just deleted an hours worth of writing as so much detail is involved reading back made me feel sick.
    The AH saga reminds me of what I went through- how I was the maligned one. How nobody believed what was happening right in front of their eyes. Her parents. Independent health counsellors. Her college tutors and friends.
    She left me isolated with few friends. I ended the relationship after I went to my best friends wedding. She accused me of having an affair with the bride. I regularly came home with scratches and torn hair. She was the reason I cut my hair short so she was unable to pull it to stop me from fleeing her mood swings.
    I hate violence. I abhor it. However after reading a piece in the guardian newspaper about the case and a further piece, very well written by a MP I really admire called Jess Phillips who in essence I agree with- however both articles avoid the unavoidable witness testimony. The bruises that move position. The fact that 3 of JDs witnesses aren’t giving evidence all point to guilt.
    I’m now convinced that AH will be vindicated for political reasons. The amount of absolute morons out there who stand with AH, warrior not victim, not only risks male abuse victims ever coming forward, it serves to fetishise abuse, making it something glorious. Warrior not victim movements are meant to empower weakened people to strength. Not to embolden deceit or to create career opportunities. There is also the biggest point of all: that innocent people are being thrown under the wheels of political zeitgeist, a machine that has a purpose of good, yet has been hijacked by few psychologically damaged individuals to simply get what they want, be it money, status, sympathy or else.
    AH and her hangers on are the worst kind of abusers. Rant over.

  7. If she loses no more films no more career. Let's not forget some people out there are in abusive relationship I hope this does not damage their chances of being listened to and helped

  8. As soon as I read her layer drafted statement at 7:50 I recognised it as a statement plagiarised straight out of my ex-wife’s divorce papers. Now I wonder what the chances are that this is a standard divorce layers template where they just insert the name of the next bloke to get shafted!

  9. She’s is a bona fide manipulative woman if she attempted to her request of this cuddling happened she would have said she abused her since there were no witnesses.

  10. Some of her accusations are text book abuse, as if concocted up, like make up photos to look like bruises. I think she is very manufactured and a manipulative lier playing the victim of an abuser, when she is the abuser.

  11. When I hear her testimony, I keep wondering where are the hidden cameras or for what new movie has she been reading this script!!!

  12. I believe the reason She could easily come up with all this bullshit is because all She had to do was reverse everything SHE did to Johnny.. classic Narrcicist move

  13. Johnny, I wish you a very good luck!! She's a liar, abuser and very bad person, I can't believe anything she's saying. Get away from her, she ruined you.

  14. If somebody ACTUALLY abuses you, you don't want properties right next to him…
    She's Ridiculous!
    And she tries to say she didn't want any of his money!
    Pshhht! Yeah right! If that were the case, she would've signed a Pre-nup to begin with.

  15. I'm completely backing Johnny Depp. He did not have troubles with his former girlfriends as far as I know. AH is acting in these proceedings and in my opinion, she is a liar.

  16. Would love to see. If there is any way for you, to reach the evidence in a previous video you had. Out to depps lawyer or anyone that could help his case.
    Specifically your analysis on her claims of abuse. And then showing up on the late show the next evening.
    Maybe they will figure it out themselves. But it is completely damning evidence

  17. I can see you have a general problem with women but you can't tell me that the videos of Depp being verbally abusive, throwing things, breaking things, etc.aren't proof he has significant substance abuse problems and that he's obviously abusive.

  18. Women can be abusers to, regardless of their gender, she has a temper and it's been well and truelly documented that this woman has a problem, the past can't lie, he loved her as been patient with her out bursts kept a cool head and never has he raised his voice, his pasted loves have said he's a gentleman, caring courteous, and thoughtful, how can a man just suddenly turn to be an abuser?? He's been battered kicked, and lost a finger in all this, and if he ever did say he would kill her she has had every opportunity to leave, get help you don't have to suffer in silence any more gone are those days, we have moved on, I feel sorry for him, I hope once this is over he finds peace and his family are freed from these terrible happenings, cos it will of had an impact on them she's never thought of that. Bless them xx

  19. Johnny has always been a gentleman. Sadly he only date pretty chicks! Hope he learns that beauty is only skin deep! Amber is proven to be a liar over n over..I hope she loses her career and is prosecuted for filing false claims! She tried to ruined him by making up lies. She’s not even a good actress and I don’t see what he sees in her!

  20. Omg can you imagine him being forced to undergo anger management? He’d be there 5 minutes and the councillor would be like dude why you even here? Kind of wish that had been actioned. Would’ve destroyed her case in 30 seconds flat!

    Edit: autocorrect hates me…..

  21. That statement of AH would've made sense if it's in reverse. Her being all that she described johnny. And johnny is the one fearing his life because of her. This is really not good. ???

  22. I hope the truth comes out!
    This guy struggles to read and you all believe in his opinion.

    Let's wait for the verdict first!

    Even tho justice dosnt always prevail!

    I will add she does sound like a complete narcissist who thinks shes ok to do what she judges others for.

  23. I got hit in the face by a cell phone that was thrown and it busted by entire cheekbone to hell. The bruising even leaked up onto my eyelid.

    My face wasn't swollen except for the spot under the cut.

    Lol good times

  24. Thank God he had his wits about him during this !! This is some scary stuff to be involved in – anyone with similar experience totally can see her tactics. I hope and pray he gets completely cleared of all false accusations!! Anyone with a sincere heart and discernment can see straight through all this madness.

  25. Who throws anything at anyone by winding their arm around like they were going to throw a baseball. So far fetched if you ask me. Also, by the time he was finished "winding" his arm she could have run the hell out of there as fast as her legs could run. In everything that she has said over the years she never talked about trying to get away from him or him running after her. Even when he supposedly held her hostage. I wonder if she and her sister can get in trouble in the UK court for perjury. If I were the judge I would throw the book at her as fast as I could.

  26. I love your videos. There isn't enough media coverage though about Amber… This makes me concerned. What she is doing it's beyond joke. I will lose all faith in justice if he loses this trial…

  27. Has anyone noticed that Amber description of Johnny Depp wanting up his arm like a baseball picture strongly resembles the argument made by Jodi Arias about Travis Alexander during her murder trial, hitting her like a baseball pitcher. Apparently narcissistic and violent women use the same descriptors