Johnny Depp: Global Mic Drop

The greatest movie event of year.
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Written by friendlyjordies


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  1. Thought the facetious comment about being told you can do anything being a form of abuse was interesting?
    My immediate family was quite poor but that was what I was constantly told.
    I was supposedly a genius, also autistic but no one was allowed to talk about that and I certainly wasn't educated to understand my condition.
    I was raised on wishful thinking and denial, then abandoned.
    It's great being homeless.
    I realize context matters.
    The context of your statement is obviously different to the circumstances I refer too.
    But those words stood out strongly in my mind.
    The worst part is that even though I very much feel like I was a victim of abuse in that respect I understand what motivated my mothers behavior and can't hold it against her.
    I guess I have to hold it against the people who set the whole thing up right?
    Nah, everyone's gotta pay their dues.
    If there's one thing I have learnt from "you can do anything" and the fact that you actually can't, it's that self entitlement is poison.

  2. I find it so frustrating that in my circle of friends, many are on Team Turd, sorry, Heard. I've watched most of this trial and I can guarantee most of them have this view based off Vice-esc social media posts and articles 🤡🤡🤡

  3. If you all want a good laugh, go read the ridiculous opinion piece in Amber Heard's favour by Moira Donegan over at The Guardian. Want an absolutely oblivious, remarkably biased piece of trash writing.

  4. Just think for decades how many men got rimmed for something they were accused of & didn't actually commit because the justice system is BIAS against men or they couldn't afford a good lawyer. Imaging your lawyer advising you to plea guilty for something you didn't do because a women's word holds up more creditability than a mans word in court especially if it's her word against yours. Plea guilty because they don't want the metoo movement getting involved causing more issues or trouble that's if you want to fight the case in the high court to prove your innocence your outcome will be worse. Now if this isn't intimidation of the justice system then what is? This is no different than what the mobsters did back in the 1930's but metoo is legally allowed to carry out this behavior in today's society without resistance? I've lost all faith in our Justice system then seeing Johnny Depp win is a rare miracle in it self you wouldn't believe was possible in this life time, cherish this moment as we all know it wont last long.

  5. for anyone that doesn't know there's a good chance she's going to be slapped with criminal charges from multiple different circumstances, thanks to the trial and specifically evidence she brought in.

  6. Amber Heard's understanding of 'free speech' is absurd. Free speech means you can do things like criticise a governmental policy without being thrown in a jail cell for the rest of your life for not agreeing with your country's elected party. It doesn't mean you can go out in public and make accusations of someone being a criminal without substantial evidence.

  7. my question is why the fuck does anyone actually give a fuck when there is much worse shit going on in the world. Just because they're celebs doesn;t mean it's newsworthy. Lets focus on the real issues like the fact that our kids aren't going to have our iconic wildlife in 30 years because of developers destroying what's left of our increasingly fragile ecosystems

  8. I'm soo glad I followed this trial on LawTube instead of reading about it on MSM. Mainstream media's takes on this are soo biased and fly straight in the face of what we saw in court. Like, who am I going to believe is more likely to be abusive? The woman who literally got arrested and charged for assaulting their partner at an airport OR the guy who sent some mean texts about a woman who threw a vodka bottle at him?

  9. Thank fuck the trial was televised. Society is conditioned to just believe women in these scenarios so it's important to actually SEE what is going on. My mum tried to do almost the exact same shit that Amber Heard has done, but to my dad (obviously not on as large a scale because neither one is a millionaire celebrity). She literally emailed hundreds upon hundreds of people (everyone either one of them had ever met that she could contact) and fabricated an abuse story. Most people my dad knows think he's an abusive psychopath to this day. And he had to give up almost all his money and assets just to retain equal custody when she was unquestionably the abusive one (and if anyone had bothered to actually fucking ask me or my siblings about that we could have pointed that out). I understand that more often than not it's men in the abusive position, but some women know they are going to get away with everything and so milk that for all it's worth.

    Hopefully the world now understands to not just take every woman at her word. Also I'm extremely worried about Amber's daughter, because now that her life is officially in fucking ruins, who do you think she's going to take out that pain on? That child is not safe.

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