Johnny Depp HATERS cry over his MTV awards comeback! Team Amber Heard salty he keeps winning!

Johnny Depp has officially been welcomed back into Hollywood through the MTV VMAs and the salt is flowing! Amber Heard fans aren’t happy!

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  1. If they understood the significance of the moon man, or person as it’s now known, they’d be salty with 2 sides of salt followed by a salty dessert. Sadly most of them don’t understand just how much support was openly displayed last night or how many doors are now open to him.

  2. so buzzfeed losses followers.. dont even worry bout em. If theyd done their job properly ans spoke to true survivors they maybe wouldn't have gone down this disastrous for business path lol

  3. Happy for Johnny! It is about time MSM sided with Johnny. Who cares about the haters. Johnny has a great since of humor and I am sure he had fun doing this. 🤘

  4. I'm a male domestic abuse survivor and this moment made me feel like male victims also matter. I feel Johnny is a survivor of domestic abuse and I feel like he is sheddng light on the fact that men can be victims too.

  5. They are triggered. I posted on Twitter I loved Johnnys cameo and one woman literally attacked me on the pictured I used for my Twitter account. She even sat telling me the picture was me whole she had Amy winehouse pic. Also use a fake name. It was hilarious. She had a huge meltdown

  6. You know what they say. “Even if you loose the battle, you can still win the war.”

    In this case, AH has lost so many battles that the winning the war would take until the universe has died 10 times over.

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