Johnny Depp is INNOCENT – THAT IS WHY!

Johnny Depp is INNOCENT – THAT IS WHY!
That is ALL.


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  1. The entertainment industry must boycott AH!! I wouldn't have her babysit my pet! Stop hiring this phoney for anything!! We Won't Watch Anything She's In! Stick a fork in her career.

  2. I have been a Johnny Depp Supporter since, 21 Jump Street. And now, Ive seen His band< Hollywood Vampires, and he is so sweet and so Real , peaceful Heart, Big hearted, so much that he was trying to protect her. when really Depp should have been defending himself. but, Hes just that kind of Man and I love how much he is steeping up for his own abuse. I feel Him I know that hes been going through a lot of pressure. I pray for him everyday. God Bless our sweet Johnny Depp>>>>thanks, out there to all you people supporting him. He really needs it right now.

  3. Because his ex-wife is lying about abuse. A very, very serious subject. She should be put in jail. He’s innocent and all his supporters state they’ve never seen him angry. A?H? In the other hand, everyone knows she lies and has a temper. MSM is fake. plus she shit in his bed.

  4. I’m gonna have to go to your channel what I did to yellow flash and unsubscribe , it’s just getting old with this stuff. I’m sure it gets the views but too much for me


  6. The article shown in the beginning was last updated in March. Most of us did not know about the statenents and voice recordings at the time, so the heading seems fair. Im not arguing for those condemming Depp, just saying that this article must be viewed from the perspective of more than half a year ago. I doubt the author of the article would write the same piece today.

  7. she does not act like an abused woman. her lies are gonna affect the women that are being abused. she needs to answer for that and be held accountable. she acts more like a spoiled brat who didnt get her way.

  8. This woman is a narcissistic little psychopath. She literally tried to bully him into financing her lifestyle forever, sick. But people like her get what they deserve, once you fight back.

  9. Depp kept his mouth shut. He wouldn't speak about his private life, or about Heard's allegations. And that is generally how I know which partner is a decent person. He really withdrew, and i think he was really hurting. I've said before I had a brother who had been physically attacked by his now ex-wife, who is also a serial liar, sociopath and loved the attention she got for being pregnant and lost all interest in her children once they were born. She was a monster. When she almost broke my brother's nose with a pan, I took him to the ER and called the police and made him file a police department. I never followed the news because it seemed like gawking at an accident. Once you couldn't help but hear AH it was such a trigger, I knew Depp was the victim. I wish he wasn't so lonely that he ended up married to that. Depp has risen above it al and been a gentleman. I'm just sorry it's cost him some things he really cared about, like his privacy, dignity and his part in the Pirates movies. I hope she gets nothing, and the needs to be charged criminally for lying and for assault. She is a nightmare of a human being.

  10. Personally, I was very doubtful when the news broke about their divorce. Having read independent U-tube coverage, hearing and reading various tapes/statements and more recently documents from the UK case I am convinced JD is innocent. I have always held the view JD is a person who is a very gentle, humble, shy and private person. I am not saying JD is perfect as no-one is however, I do not believe he is guilty of abuse. Having watched an interview with JD and L Krauss (ASU 2016) JD expresses his firm belief of 'truth', no matter what. Says it all really.

  11. For me it's because suddenly footage is showing up of her being a complete psychopath. Can't argue with these tons of videos. Entire compilations of her being fake, mean, annoying, agressive, sociopathic, narcissistic and psychopatic.

  12. I’ve always supported John! As soon as I heard about Amber & John and her allegations towards him I knew she was lying. I never believed her not one bit. And it’s sad that people really believed her

  13. Good to see it on Quora.We however need someone on mainstream media to be a real journalist and tell the whole story. Many people still do not use the internet much. The tabloids have a lot to answer to. Same goes for programs like Good Morning. It is disgusting. I am a Brit and am truly disgusted with UK media. Perhaps you or someone like you should get on This Morning. It is a show that many who do not use the internet will see.

  14. I believed him from the start. He's never been an abuser ever, he's always been the nice guy, he's low key, he loves his kids my heart goes out to his kids for having to endure AH's lies after lies to get a hold of his money. I'm hoping after all this he can go somewhere and heal along with his kids too.

  15. Whoa, whoa, wait a minute there, depp is innocent all along!? that is impossible!? I quite sure that he was framed by that amber something that he beat her or something……… wait a minute me….. ????.
    Now how will they explain all of their slander to depp? Im waiting here.