Johnny Depp Just ROASTED Amber Heard In Court! Justice For Johnny Now!

It’s great to see all the horrible things Amber Heard did to Johnny Depp go on the record now! Let’s hope Johnny Depp gets his justice

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Written by TheQuartering

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  1. In terms of acting, Amber was okay in Aquaman, but that's it, Johnny Depp has proven to be an Oscar winning actor in Pirates of the Caribbean which is not only given us way more time to view him in his biggest role but also makes it clear to me that even if John was the guy that Amber boasted him to be, idgaf he's an amazing actor and without him the Pirates of the Caribbean would be mediocre at best as proven by Salazars Revenge where a Johnny Depp look alike was chose for the role instead (ofc not the look alikes fault but Disney's for not looking into it and Amber's for lying and taking advantage of the media)

  2. Why would u say that she won't lose movie roles? Do u really think that anyone will want to watch ANY movie that she is featured in inspite of how good it looks? I do hope that hollywood will think long and hard before considering her for any role because rest assured I can say for a fact that they will stand to lose millions if they think that she will get any kind of support from anyone in the future. This is what happens to ppl who allow the devil to possess them and behave in such a devilish manner. She tried to destroy Johnny but it has only resulted in her destruction of HERSELF. I for one will NOT be looking at ANY movie as long as she is in it no matter how big or small her role is and I am certain by now thousands of ppl if not millions of ppl around the world will back me on this. This is the end of the road for that narcisistic diabolic psychopath.

  3. If you do some more research into The Sun and how disgusting they are you'll see a history of printing lies, the largest of which would be the Hillsborough disaster. Everyone should know by now that nothing printed by The Sun is the truth.

  4. bro, why do media keeps on focusing on johnny using various of drugs,while amber herself admitted that she was a STRIPPER and they did not even reacted the way they reacted towards johnny.

  5. Johnny hold your head high you have many many fans in the UK your not just good looking your a wonderful talent actor and your fans in the UK wish you all the best now and in the future ❤️❤️

  6. People always forget the only reason she was in Aquaman was because Zack Snyder thought she looked good in a bathing suit. She didn’t read or audition to land the part of Mera. Snyder needed a hot woman in a bathing suit for a minor shot in Justice League and picked her photo, that’s it that’s how she got the biggest role of her life. Just goes to show just how terrible Justice League is, still making the world worse for its existence.

  7. Great video! All very interesting as Heard coming forward and admitting to her lies don't think that will ever happen I think she's gone way far down the yellow pr*ck Road to turn back now she's a spineless sociopath!

  8. No, she doesn’t want this to go away. Depp wanted to put it behind them and move on. She drudged it up. She wanted to remain in the spotlight. Now she’s upset that her behavior is in the spotlight.