Johnny Depp lawyer uses poop story to challenge Amber Heard expert | LiveNOW from FOX

Amber Heard’s expert witness Catheryn Arnold was asked rapid-fire questions by Johnny Depp’s attorney during the former couple’s defamation trial. During on particular line of questioning, Depp’s attorney noted the negative stories regarding feces allegedly left in Depp’s bed and discussed with the witness how the negative coverage was unrelated to statements made by Depp’s attorney Adam Waldman. Heard is countersuing Depp claiming the statements by Waldman calling her abuse accusations a hoax were defamatory and destroyed her acting career.

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  1. Zoom in on the highest resolution pic you can find of the obviously staged table with the lines of coke on it. Look carefully at the California driver's license that was used to cut those lines. The bottom right corner has a mini version of the signature that's on the front of that upside-down license. Compare it to online images of Johnny and Amber's signatures. It's definitely NOT Johnny's. It's Amber's!

  2. Amber heard turd will be known as the evil actress (a bad one at that) who took a crap ( who does that …a mentally sick person) on her bed on Johnny's side. What a way to go out!! Amber turd will be her name. She didn't deserve Johnny's goodness. She has killed her career and not what she intended to kill johnny literally!! I believe she would have killed him and blamed it on suicide if he wouldn't have gotten away from this abusive woman! She abused johnny!
    This witness is delusional and must have been paid very well for her statements by the turd woman.

  3. All of Amber's witnesses that sided with her were paid off by her with Johnny's money!! What a travesty of evil! This witness is a fool and looks ignorant and silly for her statements. Omg!

  4. This witness is in the ozone of delusions. She sounds really dumb by her testimony and she is very disrespectful! No one is buying what her mouth is spewing. Like amber she is delusional and thinks we all are stupid!!

  5. Do U know what is the worst? Look at the proud face with which the stupid and goofy Amber Heard looks, she believes that the answers that this incompetent artist specialist gives her, is paying her points and what she doesn't know is that the lawyer is tearing her to shreds on that court bench with his clever questions and not just unmasking Amber Heard but also to her who supposedly knows the artists she has worked with, which reflects the lack of knowledge of some films for which those artists have acted. She is truly incompetent just like Amber Heard's lawyers and herself!

  6. So the poop story wouldn't of happened or been bad if the waldman statement didn't release?

    Waldman started the fire … Then the next tree burned???

    No .. 2 separate fires started independent.

    Sick lies and twisting omg how she isn't charged with perjury or obstruction?
    How the lawyer doesn't object and strike or request judge repremanding of her (and so many others) for blabbering about irrelevant junk just obviously trying to answer 2 questions ahead as if she's allowed to predict the lawyers intent and jump ahead.

    No. Specific question .. specific relevant answer.

    They all do it and no one hardly ever pulls them on it OMFG it's infuriating

    Go Johnny 👍🇬🇧🇺🇸

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